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Lakeside at Walnut Hill



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johnnykane757 • Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/14/2006
This is one of the most uncaring apartments in the world. The management sucks so much. For example, my downstairs neighbors' mother died, so he had to pony up for the funeral. He came back to town and found a letter(no warning) that his electricity was being cut off that day. Just for being 2 days past due. He explained to the manager that he could pay that friday(1.5 days away). He explained what had happened, the managers answer was unforgiving, she said "it is not our problem, pay or we cut now!. So they cut the power that hour, knowing that he has 2 toddlers in the house.<br> The money saving deal sounds great at first. Later after your contract ends, they jack up the price(I've seen this happen to 16 families). They say its landscaping fees for the apartments. The only landscaping going on in the last 6 months has being around the office and front view apartments from Walnut Hill. My buddies suspension gave out on one of the pot holes. His car is only a 2006 Ford Fusion. <br> Anyways, please dont make a financial mistake like I and many families have done.
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Lakeside at Walnut Hill

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