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Lakeside at Walnut Hill



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/05/2007
(2007) I've lived at Lakeside at Walnut Hill Apartments for about 3 years and can't express enough on the amount of absolute turmoil my stay here has been! I moved from one apartment in the complex because in only a month, my apartment was broken into 3 TIMES! <br>I was moved into a 2nd apartment, which looked like a step up and was located on the 2nd floor instead of the 1st. <br><br>After countless maintnance requests, unanswered and after having electricity turned off on numerous occassions (for every reason but non-payment/ once, because my payment was charged to my bill instead of being credited ! ) I found out how incredibly rude and sarcastic the management team here is! <br>After having my car stolen (TWICE! ) the apartments offered no suggestions/ apologies/ or any other emotion other than anger. On one occasion, I was told, "it's not our problem" (!) ----<br> The only reason why I'm still here, is because I'm constantly paying fees which aren't valid or justified. There's no money for me to move, as of yet. But soon! <br> I've been harrassed, laughed at, itimidated by peering maintnance faces in my window, constantly and constant threats from management team here, since I was forced to call the corporate office due to such awful behavior. <br>Corporate has found their tenants to be a low priority as far as satisfaction or reasonable buisness practices are concerned, since nothing's changed ! <br>Graffitti decorates our buildings and trash left from "who knows when" litters the complex grounds (or at least in back, where they've found no need to keep up). Constant gangs loiter, unbothered by "security guards", in parking lots and therefore I'm, one of many, who have known someone to be "robbed at gun- point" in my very ! parking lot !. <br>Move in here and your cars bound to go missing or broken into before long...... but management will tell you, "it's not our problem".<br>Do not live here unless misery is a desired friend!! <br><br> ~ Another, unfortunate Tenant <br> @ Lakeside at Walnut Hill Apartments! <br><br> ........... anywhere's a better choice than here!!!!! <br>
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Lakeside at Walnut Hill

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