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Lure at Cedar Springs Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2016
From top to bottom, this is my feedback: I consider the management to be polite but not to the extreme. In addition, someone could say it is naive as well but I prefer to call it lack of empathy (with the tenants). I have only requested maintenance assistance not more than 4-5 times and even though they been fast on their response, only one time the job got actually done properly. On my other issues I have just learned to cope with them since I dont like to be the tenant who is always bothering for the same reason. My fault? Maybe but I sense that there will be some retaliation if I become that tenant. (This last part is mere speculation on my part, do not take it as an actual) Layout and square-feet are pretty standard when compare to other apartment communities. It is a small gated community with not sot many units which makes it easy enough to know the people who live around you. When it comes to the upgrades, they are also pretty standard but not completely bad. Stainless steel appliances, lighting package, painted countertops, accented walls; the usual. My only issue here is that some of the finishes have been done poorly, making something that is supposed to look nice and attractive look cheap and unappealing. The area where this is located has it pros and cons. Good thing about the location is the proximity to downtown and uptown. These apartments are more centric-located which makes a great advantage when commuting to other places in town. The not so good is that it is also located near by some not so nice apartment complexes where you can find sketchy people which has had a direct impact on these apartments. This leads me to sharing some personal experience that someone already tried to break into my apartment thru one of the windows as well as vandalized my vehicle pretty bad, I guess it was a robbery attempt? In addition, numerous cases of car burglary and vandalism have been going around the complex (even thought is a gated community) since a couple of months ago. There are some parts of the parking lot very dark which also does not help to keep opportunists away. The actual tenants are very diverse which is always a good thing. I did notice a couple of suspicious or sketchy people on premises that tend to walk around and in and outside the complex a lot. Not sure if they are tenants or opportunist burglars but enough to keep an eye on them. Another thing that I noticed is that the parking rules are not completely clear. This has led to cars being towed all the time. In the same note, the company that this apartment community uses for parking assistance and towing is a very popular and not for the good reasons company that it is on constant issues with the city of Dallas for unlawfully/illegal towings and is currently on the process of being fined and shut down (though the owner of this towing company just open a new one with a different name). You can verify this if you just type on the search engine of your preference: unlawful towing Dallas. Therefore not sure of blaming the ambiguity of the parking rules or the shady towing company. Price on the apartments is pretty competitive when you are in the market for 2 or more bedrooms. I will say it is better than a lot of other places around the uptownish area. Overall my experience for obvious reasons has not been the best. For me feeling safe and having piece of mind is huge thing. So either because of the not trust-able towing company, the sketchy people walking in and out of the complex, or the actual burglaries being committed on-site, I am always looking out the window and that is not good for anybody's mental health. I did notice that many units are starting to become vacant, probably for the reasons that I have stated before. I would not recommend these to anyone who actually cares about their personal and property safeness. If you are in the market for a good deal in a relatively close-to-lots-of-things place, this may be a good opportunity but be aware that you may pay a higher price at the end.
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Lure at Cedar Springs Apartments

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