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Lure at Cedar Springs Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/25/2017
When I moved here in 2015, I loved my apartment and the complex. The grounds were maintained, maintenance requests were completed in a timely manner, and management sought out opportunities to improve all of our quality of living. I have seen a steady decline within the past year, however, it has gotten exponentially worse in 2017 (regretfully after I resigned my lease). I have had nothing but issues with management and their lack of communication, the grounds being embarrassing to even bring colleagues/friends around, and bug issues that they took 6 MONTHS to resolve (yes, it was all disgusting, and no they would NOT let me out of my lease). They re-homed ducks earlier this year, however, left all of the nests-- now the ducklings-turned- big ducks only ever stay around our buildings because they allow a single resident to feed cat food to them and all the wild animals around (possums, feral cats, raccoons, birds, etc). They refuse to clean up after the ducks when they defecate all over the sidewalks, pool area, parking spots, and door steps! Any time that I walk my dog, I have to constantly watch that neither of us step in the large piles of duck poop. They have been disregarding everything so much lately to the point where our beautiful pool has turned into a duck POND! Half the time the pool is not working, and ALL the time the ducks are around or in the pool. There is disgusting debris all on the bottom of the pool and there is duck poop all over the sun tanning chairs and pool area. Every summer I have been here has been nice to hang out at the pool; it is always a social event with other residents. This summer, you can't PAY me enough to get in that nasty pool-- NO ONE wants to use the pool that we all have to pay for in our rent amenities. I am beyond frustrated and disappointed in this complex. I do not plan on staying once my lease is up which is the current trend for many of the Lure's long-term residents. Management has shown their true colors these past 7 months and their actions speak louder than words. I used to recommend this complex to all of my colleagues and friends because I was proud to live here, but that is not the case now. Please do your research if you look into staying at this complex as I would not want you to suffer as I am now! Thank you.
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Lure at Cedar Springs Apartments

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