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Lure at Cedar Springs Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2007
<br>How absurd to charge someone $50 for a gate clicker? They give you ONE clicker when they KNOW that 99% of the tenants that have two bedrooms are roommates. Oh let me describe the clicker as best as I can they GIVE you one sleek, up-to-date one that fits nicely on your key chain (you will never forget that one!) then that second one is from like 1970. It s the size of an original carphone that took up half of the front seat. This brings me to my complaint I requested a new, smaller one because mine wasn t working (and does this on several occasions) and was told they were out and the office person was pretty much too busy to tend to my needs as a tenant. Yes the gate was opened THANKS! But when I had to come and go 3 other times throughout the evening while it was 30 degrees, no one was there to open the gate from the inside. If I am told someone does not have time for me again when I need something I will break the lease on grounds due to being unsatisfied with my simple needs as a tenant.<br>
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Lure at Cedar Springs Apartments

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