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McCallum Crossing



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
I have lived here since August '04, and I plan to move at the end of March '07. The worst part about these places are the very, very long driveways between the seemingly endless rows of buildings. It's like a natural echo chamber of concrete and steel. This place like many apartments is full of people who have no consideration for anyone else. Yelling, loud car stereos, honking horns, leaving trash outside doors, running up and down stairs shaking the whole building and last but not least: whole families living in 600 sq. ft. apartments. The hurricane evacuees haven't been too bad as they were screened first. I love to hangout by the pool, but in this place it's impossible as it's constantly overrun with screaming kids. The unit's original dishwasher merely got the dishes wet, that's all. So, I bought and installed my own but made sure I received acknowledgement from the management staff at that time in the form of a written maintenance inspection of the installation job. I also kept all the receipts. To wrap it up: I only moved here because it's cheap and close to UTD where I just graduated from. But, it's time to leave. Here's my advice: if you're not in a situation like I was being a student in need of a cheap place, don't move here. <br>One last thing: upon every lease renewal they tried to charge me for my W/D. I called their bluff and refused to pay, telling them to come get it. They never, ever did after 3 renewals. They have no room to store it! The cops and/or ambulance is out here at least twice a month. Domestic disputes are common. If you do move here, just keep quiet and keep to yourself and get out as soon as you can. Last thing...get a reserved parking space!
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McCallum Crossing

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