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North Ridge Apartment and Townhomes



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/19/2007
this place is nasty?first there are roaches everywherein the apt.something breaks down everyday in the apt be it the bathroom leaking,the toilet clogged up.the water is cold for a couple of hours or at times the water is not there for hours.i have had problems with the carpet getting soaked due to the ac getting frozen and they take hours to comedry it up and someone broke in through the sliding glass door in the living room as he was high and thought someone was following him and wanted to attack him and we had to call the cops as it was preety scary.we were shaken up and unfortunately could not break the lease as we are bound to it.you will also see kids hanging out late at night and they are definately not 18 or older.they hang out everywhere even in the laundry room,and about that the laundry room was always full with them boys hanging out.<br>about the trash,almost always full to half full and its all aver around the dumpstar<br>safety of your cars-kids like playing on the parking lot and they broke one of the passsanger door windows and ran away,nobody said nothing and nobody did nothing.i always tell them to quit playing there when im around and my car is out there.i have called management about it a couple of times for that.<br>pets- i love animals but once in a while i would often see stray cats and i once saw a stray dog.wanted to call animal cops but they will be there for a couple hours and then go wherever.<br>front of the house is verry muddy due to the rainy season and they dont do anything about it.at the back of the apt,dogs poop there and everywhere where they can get get it done and no one picks up after them.someone also stole my lounge chair from the back patio.<br>i hate this place and yall please dont move here.the house might be big and all but thats all you get.nothing is good around here and the area is not safe as well.<br>all the best!<br>just so you know the staff is preety proffesional and one of the maintenace guys is really good but thats just it.nothing good here.
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North Ridge Apartment and Townhomes

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