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Preston Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/14/2005
when an apt manager agrees to lease you an apt, you expect it to be clean and ready to move in...not in this apt's case. when i got there to day to move in and sign papers, i found gum, lint, and paper clips on the carpet when supposedly it was professionaly cleaned a fews days prior. not only that, the paint in the kitchen was shabbily covering old wood cabinets and had a lot of spots missing. the smell of cat urine smelled horrid. so i called the office manager who then finally agreed after me complaining for 30 minutes that the apt was not acceptable and that he better find me another that very day. so he did and it was better but still not good. <br>after that, dealing with the manager was just unbearable. you would put in a maintenance request and you'd have to wait a week. you try to stop by the office or make a phone call and no one would reply. you walk towards the office and be seen by him and he'd leave acting as if he had something important to do where he wouldn't have to talk to you. he(thomas) was so rude and inconsiderate. <br>the apt gates are -------- to where it is necessary to put your gate card on a scanner which makes it a pain on rainy or cold days bc you'd have to stick your arm out your window to open the gate to enter and LEAVE the complex. <br>regardless of the small community, the area is getting bad...car breakins, tenants with loud music, dim areas, shady activity at night...<br>with all this written, you decide where you want to live. oh..one last thing, as for this shoddy complex, why would you need 2 months notice???? there are too many vacant apts to be deeming that necessary.
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Preston Park

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