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Prestonwood Trails



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Office Staff
Angryman2005 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/07/2005
I lived in Prestonwood Trails for almost four years, and those are four years I'll never get back. Despite the fact it was an abysmally small apartment (420 sq ft), we were charged an atrocious amount for it. In addition, it was dirty and smelled strongly of cat pee. We repeatedly complained to management, but their only response was to tell us that the previous owner HAD no pets, so it was impossible for the smell to be there. After speaking with the next door neighbor we learned that the person did in fact have SEVERAL cats and kept the info from management...<br>In addition, the maintanence staff are thieves. My wife and I allowed them to enter our apartment while we were at work to fix the tub tiles that had fallen off the walls of the bathroom shower (Another interesting issue...the place was rotting to the core) When we arrived home we found that they had stolen several items, including my wifes engagement ring she had taken off before work and an $80 dollar bottle of cologne she had bought me for my birthday. The tell-tale sign it was the maintanence men was the cap to the cologne COVERED IN FINGERPRINTS MADE OF CAULK. How stupid can you be? We presented our evidence to the management, who insisted it of COURSE couldn't have been HIM, he's so TRUSTWORTHY. But we later learned after filing a police report that the maintanence man had hired his brother-in-law to help out and most likely HE had stolen it. The office staff continued to deny everything and claimed we were trying to rip them off. Shortly after they attempted to raise our rent by sixty dollars.<br><br>Fortunatly we bailed out and have since fled Dallas, but the memory of this trashy place by a busy train track still lingers.
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Prestonwood Trails

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