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Rock Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/07/2005
I lived at Rock Creek when I first moved to the lovely village of Dallas. It seemed nice, until I met the illegal neighbors who blared Cher Techno at 3:00am. When we attempted to speak with them they would yell at us in spanish, the smell of alcohol heavy on every word. We of course complained, but nothing came of it...until finally we called the police and it was handled a bit better. The people fled the week after and never returned. In addition to the HORRID office staff, there was an instance of theft in which the office staff were found to be stealing the money orders and checks made out for rent payments and cashing them in somewhere. Our rent came up missing twice, and when we challenged them on it, they claimed we had to either pay up or be evicted...even though they KNEW their staff had stolen peoples rent. When you're a poor student, $800 bucks HURTS.<br>In addition, my car was broken into twice, there were gunshots on several occasions, my upstairs neighbors were crack dealers, and lastly and oddly, my car at one point was hot wired, stolen, driven to work at the Tom Thumb nearby, and politely left in the parking lot with the doors locked. If you value your life, your belongings, or anything else you hold dear, flee from this place and never return!
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Rock Creek Apartments

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