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St. Moritz Apartments

5665 Arapaho Road

Dallas, TX 75248



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/02/2007
Rates: As another review correctly mentioned, your rent will only go up the longer you are here. When asked about any possible incentive to renew, the front desk people stated that they were giving me the same incentive as people on the street ,that is, you get the same price anyone does and no incentive at all. Wow, thanks a lot - so what they are really saying is that even if you are a good tenant that has always paid on time, etc., then the only incentive is to be thankful for the $50 or $100 a mo. price increase and be glad it wasn't more. The price per sq ft is certainly better than closer apts to downtown, and easy access to the tollroad does make the price a little easier to swallow.<br><br>Security: There are automatic entrance gates, but they are usually "broken" half the time and people are free to come and go as they please. If you do happen to have noisy neighbors, then tough luck getting the "security" to help you. As one review wrote, you'll get someone like Barney Fife to show up. I haven't tried to pick a garage lock yet, but if true, then that shows another problematic part of security here. On the upside, with people coming and going often (even though there is no legal duty for them to stop an intruder) it is hopeful that other tenants will see any criminal activity and report to the actual police and not the rent a cops.<br><br>Internet: they promised me that when I moved in that they had wi-fi that was 90% throughout the complex. Yeah, sure. So when I didn't get any wi-fi in my apartment I drove in my car around the complex to figure out if there was a single spot that I could get a connection in - not surprisingly, there was none. <br><br>Security deposit: from my interaction with the front desk people, I would say any deposit return is unlikely at best. When I moved in and actually handed them the inspection form with problems noted, they seemed shocked and affronted.<br><br>Amenities: I do like the kitchen a lot, if you get the dark wood, and don't particularly care for the light wood on the cabinets. The construction of the apartment seems to be of good quality from appearance, but the paint is extremely cheap [my furniture has somehow developed the unprecedented habit of staining the walls] and the carpet that we had when we moved in was also very cheap [anything will leave a stain and it will be impossible to remove]. I am hoping that since they said they are replacing carpet when people move out that they will not attempt to charge us for the carpet replacement - but I'm not getting my hopes up too high. Some apartments have vaulted ceilings and some do not. In deciding which is better, I would say that in the summer you will pay heavily for vaulted ceilings, so that is something to consider.<br><br>Maintenance: the maintenance people have always been friendly and any request I have made has been taken care of in a reasonably quick time. At the longest, two days, and this is the one area in which I have been completely satisfied.<br><br>
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St. Moritz Apartments

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