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The Aster by Cortland

17811 Vail Street

Dallas, TX 75287



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rentmylifeaway • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
I lived here during the infamous Tina Trotter days and it's interesting to see how much the reviews have improved since then. I was generally pleased with my apt. during my stay because I had a quiet one which is most important to me. I moved because they wouldn't let me go month-to-month after my lease was over plus the rent increased. They wanted me to renew a lease or move out. I decided to move out. The day I moved, a lady in my building was moving for the very same reason. It's really inconvenient to sign a lease every six months. I can't revolve my life around a lease. They got me at move out. I never received my $100 deposit back but instead got a bill in the mail that I owed them money for cleaning and water. Then, a letter came from a collection agency demanding the payment immediately plus collection fees. I went to the office in person because I cleaned the apartment before I left but Tina Trotter and her helpers insisted I pay anyway. So I did to save my hard-earned credit record. I paid that bogus bill plus never received my deposit back. They never informed the collection agency that I paid so I still got collection bills. After another visit to the office, they faxed the collection agency that I paid and I never heard from them again. No one should have to go through all this because they left an apt. This was an experience that won't be soon forgotten.
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The Aster by Cortland

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