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The Edge at White Rock



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/20/2007
I agree with one of the earlier comments. The property manager's son is a complete incompetent. The maintenance staff gets an earful about this and they do their best. <br><br>I have tried everything to get them to repair things. I even sent a certified letter and filed a complaint with the tenants association. Still no response. <br><br>Every level of contact with the management has been a total ZERO:<br><br>1. Repairs<br>Multiple requests/no response<br><br>2. Tenant policy<br>While I agree there are some nice folks here, the people that moved into next to me are the worst: noisy at all hours, etc. I think they have had, at times, 6 people living in a two bedroom townhome.<br><br>3. Paperwork<br>We are supposed to receive a separate water bill every month. I haven't received one for over six months. I guess how much I have to pay and my guess is they owe me a balance because I'm overpaying. <br><br>4. Misplaced priorities<br>They made a big deal about parties and social events and I can't even get simple plumbing needs met. <br><br>5. Security<br>The security gate has jammed multiple times and they don't seem to care about fixing it. <br><br>I have been a long standing resident and have seen this gone downhill. The previous manager was very good. You know about how I feel about the current one, he's worthless.
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The Edge at White Rock

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