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The Versailles Apartments

4900 Pear Ridge Drive

Dallas, TX 75287



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/06/2005
I took over the lease on this apartment from someone who had lived there for 3 years. During my 1 year stay from november 2003 to november 2004 i noticed many changes.<br><br> Many more people with loud kids started moving in. Office staff changed. Cars started getting vandolized/broken into, and apartments were broken into. 1 of my neighbors had all of thier Jeep windows slashed for no reason. Another person i knew in a building over had someone break down his door in the middle of the night to rob them. you couldent use the pool for all of the kids everywhere. You couldent use the workout room because only 2 pieces of equipment worked.<br><br>The maintenince was OK, considering very few of them spoke english. Also, the appliances were VERY old. The gate RARLEY worked, and i NEVER saw the Patrolman they claim to have had.<br><br>I moved as soon as my lease was up. One month later i got a letter from a COLLECTION agency saying i owed The Versailles 1400.00 for new carpet. I called the office manager to inform him that 1st of all i NEVER got a bill, despite having given them a forwarding address. His only response was "well are you prepared to pay this now". <br><br>I then asked how i was expected to pay for NEW carpet when by the time i moved, the carpet in that apartment was 4 years old. I asked if they deducted any depriciation value from the price and was told NO. I was told that if i wanted to dispute it i would have to send a letter and they "would respond with a decision"<br><br>Luckily i decided i diddnt want to send a letter for them to "respond" to. I called the corporate company and spoke with an area manager. He had the problem resolved in about 2 days. The bill was drastically reduced. I paid and was done with these people. <br><br>Hopefully things have gotten better in the past year.
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The Versailles Apartments

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