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The Versailles Apartments

4900 Pear Ridge Drive

Dallas, TX 75287



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Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/17/2005
well ive been living here for like 3 weeks now and already i found a dead rat in the closet...APPARENTLY maintenance was "cleaning" and accidentally locked him in there. when i told management about it they wouldn't even send someone over here to remove it!!!!! they told me that i hadn't paid a pet deposit. WHO OWNS A RAT!?!?! if that wasn't bad enough my ceiling fan fell out of the ceiling last week. i was watching tv [law and order] and all of a sudden [when i was real into the show] the fan falls to the ground right inbetween the television and i. it scared the crap out of me. what is wrong with these apartments/?! ill give you a list.<br><br>a. already a peeping tom<br>b. roaches<br>c. rats<br>d. vandalism<br>e. loud neighbors<br>f. thin walls<br>g. chipped paint on ur walls<br>h. mold in the ice bin of the freezer<br>i. no flowers or nice trees..just weeds<br>j. rap and tejano music ALL NIGHT LONG<br>k. it is so "little mexico-ish" people <br> sell tamales outside of your apartment<br>l. drunk -------- taking a pee outside of <br> your door <br>m. prices lowered so section 8 folk are <br> taking over!<br>n. rusty air conditioner unit <br>o. the apartments smell musty period.<br>p. my shower smells like spoiled milk.<br>q. when i picked my clothes up from washing<br> them in the public laundry room, some kid<br> put a diaper in the dryer when i stepped <br> away. the diaper contained what diapers<br> usually contain after a baby wears them.<br>r. when i tried to talk to my neighbor he <br> pulled a gun on me and asked me "who duh<br> hell is you"<br>s. when i went to the pathetic thing they <br> call a gym, i found a bum asleep on <br> the treadmill<br>t. drug dealers/pimps/prostitutes galore here<br> in little mexico<br>u. kids drawing things on the sidewalks<br> with their sidewalk chalk ALL THE TIME.<br> it embarrases me when i have friends<br> over. <br>v. i have another neighbor that throws rocks at my windows when he needs a cigarette and <br> i don't even know him.<br>w. my kitchen drawers keep falling in towards<br> the cabinet itself.<br>x. when neighbors get excited about, lets<br> say, a football game they start jumping<br> around and yelling and hitting the <br> ceiling with a broom stick.<br>y. when the crusty "8 section like" neighbors <br> walk their dogs they let the dogs crap <br> on the stairs and by our cars so that<br> we can back into it. im not sure if <br> they pick the turd up and put it behind<br> my wheels or if they're dogs are just<br> evil. <br>z. and finally..today, a strange man with a <br> mullet knocked on my door and through the <br>door asked me <br> to borrow some sugar when i opened the <br> door he asked me for a beer.<br><br>so yeah...i don't even think that that sums it up. the management sucks and will TRICK you into RENTING THIS HELL HOLe. beware of drunkards, and watch the skin on your back because they don't play around here. ive learned a thing or two and now i know how to treat them. don't let them walk over you. they made me pull a knife on them. and by them i mean the horrible "neighbors". it's all about respect. im out.<br>
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The Versailles Apartments

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