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Treymore at Cityplace



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mutageneticist • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/01/2005
i have been a resident of treymore at cityplace for 7 months and i do not plan on renewing my lease. it is hard to argue with the fact that this apartment is right next door to some of the best places in dallas and gives you great/convenient access to all the major arteries of this city. for the location, the rent is not unreasonable for the space you get and the property is well-maintained. <br><br>however, the apartment is next to a major rail station and several bus stops. this means there are plenty of undesirable people walking around after using the public transportation as well as the predators that come out from the ------ neighborhood that is immediately nearby. right behind the complex is an elementary school. this makes driving around difficult in the early morning and in the afternoon the parking lot is infested with traffic-inattentive children making lots of noise. <br><br>security is indeed a serious problem in this complex. within the first month of living there, i was approached by strange men after getting out of my car and there have been several attempted break-ins to my apartment. i have quite a collection of marks and other damage on my door to testify to this. the complex has reduced the entry points to one gate and they occassionally post distracted and significantly overweight security guards to mind it.
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Treymore at Cityplace

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