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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/11/2005
I have lived here for 3yrs I have never had any problems up until now. I pay my rent ontime I am considerate of my neighbors and mind my own business. About 5 months ago the management allowed the worst neighbors ever to move upstairs from me. They play loud latino music all hours of the day and night even on weekdays. I work from 4:00 am to 4:00 pm 4 somtimes 5 days a week. They have four people living in this one bedroom apartment 3 of which I have been told by windridge staff are not even on the lease. They constantly park in my assigned parking space and when I ask them to move they get an attitude with me. Police have been out to this apartment several time for loud music, fighting, open flame on the patio from the grill that could cause a fire, and public drinking out side in the parking lot. They have had anywhere from 10-20 adults inside that apartment at one time this is a fire code violation. They have threatened me and my girlfriend on numerous occasions to slash our tires on our cars, key our cars, or to smash them with there junkie cars. I have made several complaints to the office management and nothing is ever done. I am tired of having confrontations with these neighbors and the management dose nothing. I am very upset with the management on how they have handled these residents. Problematic people like this is the reason this complex has gone down hill the last three years. My attorney says you can write a letter to the complex and issue it to them regarding any issue if it is not resolved within 30 days you have the right to send a second letter certified mail at which point they have to resolve it if it isn't you can move out by giving a 7 day lease break notice. they can't charge you any fees or anything and you dont have to pay a lease break fee. you can also call the Texas Tenants association to make your complaints as well as Dallas county renters association or even the Better business bureau. They can step and help the management to make the right lawful decisions. I personally will be filing a lawsuit if some of these safety issues are not further adressed. Apartments being robbed, cars stolen, broken into, fights, people threatening people, these are all security issues that need to be adressed with a full time off duty dallas police officer. not some security officer you never see. The gates have been broken for the last 8 months straight for sure and this is unacceptable. I pay for the gate by paying my rent and I'm sorry but I expect it to work. This was a good neighborhood and I think the management needs to be little more choosy of who they accept to move in.
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