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crystalkilmer • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/03/2007
I am writing this complaint because I feel like I was taken advantage of by C Bar T Properties due of my inexperience and my size. This was my first apartment; I am a current student at Texas Women's University. Upon signing the lease with C Bar T,I had requested a 2nd story apartment because I am trying to get in shape, and could use the extra workout everyday. Had I known there was a chance I would not be able to workout in my future apartment,then I would certainly have voiced to have a 1st story apartment. My workout consists of a 40 min. dvd called Turbo Jam. The workout is physical; there is some jumping and running involved thatincludes a step by step routine. One of the main reasons I wanted an apartment was so that I would be able to have the space and the intimacy to be able to o so. After completing one of my first workouts, my new<br>neighbor ran upstairs and complained to me. I<br>wasn't sure what to do; he also complained that when I walk, since it is an upstairs apartment that I should walk "light footed."I of course was amiable and did not want to offend my new neighbor, however I knew that I had rights too, or so I thought. I tried to find out from him through the use of letters, because he never seemed to be home when I went to approach him about the matter.I wanted to find out when would be a good time for me to do my workouts, so I would not disturb him.I was never able to get things resolved. I had to get the apartment management involved. I spoke with the office manager, Sharon, who volunteered to observe one of my workouts to determine if the complaint was valid. She deemed that it was. The floors on which I did the workouts were very noisy even when one simply walked on them, let alone jump. She expressed that it was a structural issue- the ceiling literally shook, and the light fixture attached might break due to this flaw in the construction of the apartment. More importantly, if that happened it would be my responsibility for the damage, not the management. I was dissappointed because I am paying money every month to not get to work out in my own home. I decided to approach the matter in another way by means of a written letter stating in full my request to work out in my own home. After correspondence with the apartment management they pointed out the paragraph in my lease that stated that any disturbance a tenant has for another may not continue with said disturbance- however it is up to the apartment complex what is deemed a disturbance, and what is deemed a building, or structural flaw- there is still a grey area when it comes to disturbance- obviously I wanted to work out a time schedule so that both parties, myself and the neighbor, would compromise. Due to the poorly structured interior, I was told I could not continue with my workouts. Afterwards though, both my neighbor and I had a cordial understanding, that it was neither our faults that the building was built the way it was; yet he mentioned once again for me to walk light footed, which I replied, "This is my first apartment, I'm really trying to appease you, however I HAVE to be able to walk." Devastated as I was, I perservered, and delt without my workouts that helped me lose weight, and more importantly maintained the weight lost. I thought my problems with my neighbor had finally come to a stand still. I was wrong. Now, apparently I am still "not walking light footed." He complained once again, and since I still had to walk, his complaints were met through violent thuds against my floor, his ceiling. I could not take it any longer. This situation was causing me unneeded stress mentally and physically and seized help from the apt mgmt made matters even more difficult. I didn't have the money to leave as soon as possible,so I had to wait till the end of semester and even then I thought in the back of my mind, maybe it would get better better my neighbor and I; it did not. So I left knowing I would not get my deposit back.<br>
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