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McKinney Park



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/08/2006
We moved in when the complex was still being built and it was GREAT because most of the buildings were completely empty except for those close to the pool.<br><br>Then the people started showing up. I am not exaggerating when I say that the police were there at least four times a week. When some people finally moved into the apartment above us, we started hearing a sound that was like a bucket of ball bearings crashing between the walls. Completely freaked us out. Then we were told that's just how it sounds when someone upstairs flushes their toilet. ARGH!<br><br>The last straw was when I came out of my apartment and there were two guys dealing drugs right outside my door because we faced a woodsy area.<br><br>We found another place to rent and slowly began moving there. We didn't break our lease, didn't stop paying rent, yet two weeks before our lease was up, a neighbor called to tell us painters were sent in and stole a bunch of our stuff that we hadn't finished moving and they had leased our apartment.<br><br>A few years later, I was an animal control officer and was called out for dog-fighting that was happening in the parking lot. The police got at least four or five calls for that disgusting activity. They finally arrested the evil jerks involved.<br><br>In another fine episode, I was sent in to retrieve two cats who had been abandoned when the owner was evicted. The air was rank with ammonia from cat pee, there was poop everywhere - it was revolting.
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McKinney Park

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