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Oaks of Denton Apartments



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Office Staff
Punkinhead • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
It's not spectacular, but you really can't beat that it's just walking distance from campus.<br><br>We moved into the Oaks from a really crappy apartment, so I am thankful for no rats, more room, and grounds that aren't covered in cigarette butts! But we have had a few problems while we were here...<br><br>For one, the pipes in our building make a good deal of noise in the winter. We had someone come look at it and they said all you can do is run some hot water in the nearest bathtub or sink and hope that helps. I don't know if the other buildings do that, though. It's certainly been pretty annoying.<br><br>We were also out of hot water for a few weeks this past winter. Kind of annoying, but the staff we so apologetic and kept giving us candy and free pizza I guess so we wouldn't get too upset! I think the situation was out of their control because a new heater they had installed had busted and they were waiting on the people to fix it. But they were very nice about the whole ordeal.<br><br>A few little things: the linoleum is coming up in our bathroom, the floors are uneven in the kitchen, the drawer we keep our silverware in falls out if you pull it more than halfway open, our closet door slides off sometimes, and it seems like our apartment is continually dusty no matter how often I dust. Those aren't big things to me, but they may be to some, so I thought I'd mention them.<br><br>Other than that it's been pretty good. It's a decent size, I rarely hear my neighbors (although you can hear when people shower, but that has never really bothered me), and I walk to class and work so I save a lot of gas money. Plus they cap their water bill at $20, so I can take as long of a shower as I want!<br><br>So unless you're looking to pay close to a grand for nicer apartments in Denton, The Oaks is a pretty good deal.
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Oaks of Denton Apartments

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