Providence Place Apartment Homes
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Providence Place Apartment Homes

3500 Quail Creek Drive, Denton, TX 76208
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$1,220 - $1,861/mo

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Resident 1022962

Verified Resident 2021 - 2022


One of the bonuses of living here is we are right next to public transportation! The DCTA "A" train runs from Denton TX to the Dallas DART train line. I am disabled and use a walker, so being close public transit is a huge blessing!



    Providence Place Apartment Homes
    It means a lot to us to know when our convenient location has made a resident's life easier! Thank you for letting us know that your access to activities you enjoy is enhanced here.
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    Resident 1014733

    Verified Resident 2021 - 2022


    I'm currently in the process of getting a unit at first the process was going good but when I voiced that I wanted a unit with black appliances and communicated that with the manager she said it was one available left so I said I will take that 2bedroom 1bathroom unit with black appliances but instead of her fixing the paperwork so I could get the unit they gave it to someone else even though my application as been at the office for a week I felt like I was brushed off and now being put in a unit I really do not want Update: I've been here 4 months and I honestly can't wait for my lease to be up some of these kids are out of control no parental supervision, alot of noise and domestic disputes all times of night, and someone vandalized my car a few weeks ago called and emailed the office no response so I went in the office to review the cameras just for them to tell me there's nothing they can do even after showing pictures so I reported it to the police who assigned a detective to my case who's now investigating… See More>


      Providence Place Apartment Homes
      We are disappointed by your rating as your satisfaction is our goal. We are sorry to hear that your move-in was less than satisfying and about any noise and other disturbances that make for a disheartening living experience. We invite you to contact our regional customer care group at Be sure and refer to this review and the apartment name in the subject line or body of the email so we can expedite our response. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
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      Resident 1014237

      Verified Resident 2020 - 2022


      In a word, terrible. I've lived in many apartments, many at very low price points. These are by far the worst, not even close. The apts themselves, the buildings, and outside are all pretty nice and well taken care of, although its frequently covered in trash and dog feces, because of the following: The problem is the residents. Over the past year we have had to deal with, daily: - packs of 12+ screaming kids hanging out for hours right outside our door in the walkway - car alarms going off multiple times a day and just allowed to continue for 20+ mins right outside the window - countless dogs in every direction. almost every resident has multiple dogs that they cram into these small spaces and neglect, which makes most of the dogs howl for 8+ hours a day, every day, very audibly, while the owners are out at work. - upstairs neighbors never let their dogs out of the apartment. Instead when they had to urinate, they would let them do so OFF OF THEIR PATIO, which would then trickle down onto ours, making our patio smell horrible and splashing onto us. I just want to reiterate, this is a place where… See More>


        Providence Place Apartment Homes
        Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. We expect our residents to be respectful of one another, and we would like to connect with you to restore your comfort. Please give us a call or stop by our office for a chat. We look forward to speaking with you.
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        Resident 1003710

        Verified Resident 2021 - 2022


        Would not recommend living on the first or second floor. I live on the second floor. My neighbors are beyond obnoxious and extremely loud. They play very loud music all the time and ungodly hours of the night. and throughout the day as well. I've complained twice and it doesn't seem like anything has been done. I've also noticed roaches around the sink and stove. They're definitely not coming from my family.. Every time I turn around there's a roach. It's disgusting. Other than that, love the apartment, staff seems really nice!



          Providence Place Apartment Homes
          Hello, thank you for sharing your satisfaction with our friendly team. That being said, we are sorry if you have been inconvenienced by noisy neighbors. We expect all residents to abide by our noise policies, and your feedback suggests that a reminder is in order. Your concerns regarding pests are important to us as well, and we encourage you to please call or stop by our office so we may gather additional details and involve our pest control team.
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          Resident 1003602

          Verified Resident 2019 - 2022


          Lived here from 2008 to2017. Needed to move out for family emergency. At that time is was a senior village and I loved it. Moved back in 2019 and everything is different. I do not like it now. The owners do not care about people.



            Providence Place Apartment Homes
            We are always happy to hear from long-term residents, and we thank you for leaving a review. The satisfaction of our residents is important to us, and we are sorry to hear you feel this way. We would like to connect with you. At your earliest convenience, please give us a call or stop by our office.
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            Resident 2017 - 2022


            This place has turned into a TRASH ------! Every weekend it’s something different, it goes from all ranges from neighbors killing their mothers, it’s drug users confusing your unit for the one of the drug dealer who smoke marihuana and all that smell goes inside the extractors of the building. Hallways are always nasty, trash everywhere, spiderwebs gives you the welcome to your unit. Kids are allowed to play in the hallways screaming like animals until 3AM and management does nothing. My carpets are the same the previous tenant had, never were changed or washed. My microwave it’s falling into pieces, this was reported since day 1 of move in and they never correct this issue. You can tell the management has preference for tenants of certain race. I referred a Texan Family and a Latino Family and they qualify but never got call or followed up. The manager does not handle ANYTHING, it is non existence! Rent rates are definitely NOT FOR A LOW INCOME RATE, if you are part of certain race. You are lucky if your car is not vandalized or have a drug addict running out to you asking your for a ride or for money.… See More>


              Providence Place Apartment Homes
              Rita, thank you for sharing your concerns with us. The upkeep of our community is important to us, and we are sorry if you feel otherwise. We expect our residents to be respectful of one another, and our team would like to connect with you to restore your comfort. Please give us a call or stop by our office for a chat.
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              Resident 2020


              This place os a dump. Cops are out here all the time do to people fighting and cars getting vandalized. Resident's are trashy and throw trash in the hallways. Management doesn't do anything to fix the issues. It's not a safe place to live.



                Providence Place Apartment Homes
                Dear Valued Resident, We work hard to provide a positive living environment for our residents and are disheartened to hear your opinion of our community. We would like to speak with you further about this to improve your experience and invite you to contact us at Please be sure to reference this review and include the apartment name in the subject line or the body of your email so we can expedite our response. We appreciate your candid feedback and look forward to addressing this with you.
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                Resident 2019


                This is by far the most in-professional establishment I've ever had to deal with. I lived there for a year and had to move due to a fire within the walls of the building. No alarms went off during this time. I had an officer bang on my door to tell everyone they needed to evacuate immediately. The front staff are horrendously rude and the maintaince workers do not fix anything. Period. After the fire happened the staff did nothing to help those who lost their homes and treated them like a nuisance. Families schools had to step in to help because the company was doing absolutely nothing. I can not mention enough how this is not a good place to live. The place should be shut down and everyone should be fired.

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                  Resident 2017 - 2018


                  Do not move here. The lady in building 3 at 2301 is a ----- who has all types of men(felons) in and out her apartment. When you move she be in the way of the movers questioning them and complaining about them being in her way. On the first of the month she leaves her special needs kids at home by themselves. She patrols the building ask if she is the apartment police. She uses drugs and you can smell it coming from her apartment. She and her men sits on the balcony smoking weed. Keeli is her name. The office knows but doesn't do anything about it.

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                    Resident 2016 - 2017


                    This complex will not fix any repairs. Your apartment will fall apart after your first 3 months. Mold growing everywhere and Bleach is the complex's only way to fix it, umm no, we have asthma and bleach does NOT kill mold. They never answer the phones. The employees in the main office live out here and their husbands are the maintenance men. They will charge you for whatever seems fit yet it's smells like trash constantly bc they're constantly overflowing. I've been here a year and cannot wait to move in a few months. Complex accepts Section 8 voucher but they only want the money and you will have to call your Housing authority informing them of how your apartment is falling apart. Two swimming pools that NEVER work. I've been waiting on maintenance for 9 months to fix my dishwasher which is an amenity (I never got to use). I have mold in my kids/guest bathroom with a open pipe in the shower, yea I've been waiting even longer on that issue to be fixed. The complex's only concern is cosmetics. Maintenance men ride around in golf carts to look busy. Policemen that live out here are disrespectful and… See More>
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                      Resident 2014 - 2017


                      There really is a ton of mold in the vents (which I notified them of in August and still has not been addressed) and they've been overcharging me for parking for several months. I work in a different area during the hours of the management office being open, and they straight up don't answer the phone when I call on my lunch break to ask about these issues. I've lived here for years and used to love it, but I'm really looking forward to the end of my lease now due to the lack of respect this company has for its tenants.

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                        Resident 2016 - 2017


                        So I'm a current resident, and I can't wait to move out in October! This is by far the most trashy place you can live in Denton . First of all the people that live here are scum , there is literally trash everywhere I found a mattress proper next to my door I have pictures to prove it . People are partying until 3 am and kids love running up and down the stairs screaming at the top of their lungs and they leave their toys literally everywhere. The teenagers bounce there basketballs up and down the stairs all day even at 12 pm when everyone is trying to sleep. Also I have been almost hit by cars multiple times while trying to drive out of my complex they are going 40-50 in a 20 mile zone. It's not safe for your kids or yourself. Also there is mold in my vents and my toilet has been broke on several occasions. Oh and Denton municipal is crazy expensive for electricity I'm paying more than 300 a month which is outrageous and it's the only electric company you can use. OH and frontier(wifi) is also the only company you can… See More>
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                          prospectiveVisited 2016


                          I do not recommend this place. The staff there have no idea who's living there. There's ppl living there that aren't even on the lease and when they renewal the staff goes by whatever the tenants tell them and don't even verify if the actual tenant is living there. They have ppl living there who may have serious criminal records and don't bother to look into it cause of some lame explanation the person gave them. Basically anyone can rent an apt here and let someone else take over the lease and the staff don't seem to care. Very unsafe -&&- unprofessional of the staff to let that happen. It's like they just care about the money and not the tenants.

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                            prospectiveVisited 2016


                            What a terrible, terrible place. If Denton has a ------, this is it, CONS: 1. The noise! The constant noise! If you like to be awakened by an impromptu basketball game at 2 AM, then you may like this place. The geniuses that designed this place put a basketball court in the middle of the complex surrounded by the buildings, so EVERYONE can hear the bounce bounce bounce and the screaming kids. The apartments have NO concrete between floors, so what your neighbors do, you hear. The toilet flushing, the kids running and the amorous pursuits. 2. Filthiness! Dog poop everywhere. The landings between apartments is nasty and never cleaned. Broken safety lights. Maintenance supplies left out (seriously there's a ladder on the ground at the entrance that has been there for 3-4 months). 3. Staff! They close the pool on Labor Day. It's Texas... it stays hot here until October. They changed their hours at the office at their own whim. They will no longer allow packages to be left at the office, so they stay on your doorstep where the locals can steal them (have your packages sent to your work if you value them). They react SLOWLY to maintenance requests and… See More>
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                              Resident 2015 - 2016


                              Worst residents to ever live around. Way too many ------ with their pants below their asses screaming ----- on repeat. Noisey neighbors above. Horrible kids out past curfew. Vandalism often. Neighbors all around liter like crazy, entire trashbags or just broken bottles and diapers near my doors! This place is trashy! Missing packages too. Mailman leaves packages outside of door, office doesn't hold them anymore! The worst of 4 rentals i've had in Denton and close to the worst in my entire life of 30+ yrs! Total rip off. The better comments are the Apt staff lying.

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                                Resident 2016


                                Office staff very friendly and helpful. Clean place to live. The grounds are very well maintained by maintenance. The kids during the day may drive you a bit nuts, but that is like that everywhere. At night, it is quiet. Clean and well maintained.

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                                  Resident 2013 - 2015


                                  This place was great in the past, I've lived here for two years and really enjoyed the first year, recently it has gone downhill though. Alpha Barnes purchased the property and since then they have hiked up rent prices without any renovations, cut back on maintenance they will perform (no more spraying for wasps or changing light bulbs, even for the elderly and disabled folks), the pet deposit is now $1000, the pool closes at 7 and that is if it isn't randomly closed for absolutely no reason, there is a 10pm curfew, you are not allowed to keep things like bikes or toys on your balcony, and now they have online rent pay, which you would think is a great alternative to paying at the office, especially since the hours are posted as 8:30 to 5:30 but it's really whenever to whenever, until you find out that there is a $30 charge for paying your rent online. So helpful. They sent out a letter informing tenants that they now have to show ID to office staff and a random security officer (who is not a police officer) at any time, if asked. There have been three… See More>
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                                    Resident 2012 - 2015


                                    As a three year resident that signed a new lease a few months ago I can't wait till it's over. Everything about this place has gone downhill (except the maintenance, they were always terrible). If you ask or complain about anything it's guaranteed the will lie to you and do nothing because they are so "short staffed". We've complained numerous time's since April that there is graffiti on the walls (Penises, curse words, sexual content, gang related, etc....and that's just in our building) and that there's wasp nest filling the carports and they've done nothing but then have the audacity to try and fine you for the cleanliness of your patio. The grounds are usual covered in trash/dog crap and there are little "thugs" running around at all hours that have managed to steal 2 of our 3 bikes. Now we have a strict 10 o'clock curfew for ALL RESIDENTS, I'm a 22 year old that does nothing wrong and now I'm being told I can't be on the outside grounds of my home after 10 like I'm a child. This place has no control over the disgusting things that occur on their property and don't seem to give a… See More>
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                                      Resident 2012 - 2015


                                      I've lived here for 3 years and just signed a new lease and now I'm regretting it. I've really loved living here but this place was just bought by Alpha-Barnes Real Estate Services and they are making terrible changes to the policies here. The pet deposit is now $1000 (like any family that qualifies for an income restricted property is going to be able to afford a $1000 pet deposit!), they informed us there is a 10pm curfew that includes not being able to "hang out" and they claim to have the right to require you to provide identification when asked. Also, no sitting in cars after 10pm. Most of that isn't even enforceable or legal. They also just instituted a bunch of fines for practically anything being on your balcony; no toys, no laundry drying, no toolboxes, no bicycles, basically nothing but patio furniture and live plants. No storing bikes in the breezeways either. So if you have kids or bikes, forget letting the kids play on the balcony or storying bikes or outdoor toys there. You'll have to find room in your apartment for your bikes (fyi, there's no storage closet large enough for them). They're also raising the rent… See More>
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                                        Resident 2014 - 2015


                                        I don't understand the bad reviews on here. Yeah, the place looks a bit unclean (the outside atleast) but I have to say that they are taking steps to make it look better. I've never felt threatened living here or had any huge complaints about my neighbors, it's usually pretty quiet and peaceful. The only complaint I really have is the trash in the breezeways of the apartments, but it honestly doesn't effect my quality of life here. The apartments are spacious, clean and way better than anything you could get for the price you're paying. The people in the office are always very friendly and super helpful. Even considering renewing my lease for another year.

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                                          Resident 2013 - 2015


                                          The complex was recently purchased by a new company and they have made a few changes but they are all great changes in my opinion. The complex looks cleaner and they have updated the pool area. I do wish the pool was open later, but i understand that closing it early keeps the noise levels down. I recently renewed my lease and while my rent did go up it wasn't by much. The office staff is very helpful and I've never had a problem with our maintenance staff. I've read some reviews on here about drug dealers and crime but I have never seen that in the 2 years I've lived here.

                                            Review Author Icon


                                            Resident 2014


                                            They told us we have to move cause the people in 1202 can make as much noise as they want and its ok. They are oriental and the office is playing favoritism toward the . If you move into 1102 good luck cause you will have so much noise from 1202. They always tell the office they go to bed at 9pm and actually the sometimes don't go to bed till sometimes 3 or 4 am. And they make noise up until then . then they get up at 6:30 or 7 am and start all over again . we have lived here for 11 months now and all we have heard is a lot of noise and a lot of excuses from the office . then if you call and complain they tell you that you are telling lies . if you call the police or complain they make you move cause the idiots in 1202 have more rights than we do . I hate this place and would not recommend anyone living here.

                                              Review Author Icon


                                              Resident 2014


                                              Dog poop everywhere, little to no maintance. Loud neighbors

                                                Review Author Icon


                                                Resident 2013 - 2014


                                                Horrible maintenance!! Grounds are nasty!! Tons of kids, loud, dog poop everywhere. Cabinets are cheap and fall apart. You can hear everything!! My bed shakes when kids run up and down the stairs. Neighbors are off the chain upstairs...2 dogs and 1 cat!! All you hear is running back in forth. Neighbors below are nasty, food all over the place, just dirty. I love the staff but overall the property reeks "income restricted" can't wait to leave.

                                                  Review Author Icon


                                                  Resident 2013 - 2014


                                                  Can't say enough BAD things about this place. Any time of the day, you can be sure you'll hear loud music blasting from passing cars. The walls are paper thin, we can hear our downstairs neighbors yell all of the time! When we moved in, the apartment had obviously NOT been cleaned after the previous tenants left. The dishwasher has never worked for us, leaving food particles on all of the dishes from PREVIOUS tenants, even with completely clean dishes that go in. The toilet stopped working and it took them two weeks to even fulfill the maintenance request. Even after a request to fix the dishwasher, he said he could do nothing to fix it that, and I quote, 'these dishwashers are the basic dishwasher you can get. They aren't the greatest. I can't really do anything about it.' There's never parking for guests at night. The kids in the building will run around the building and scream at the top of their lungs purposefully from the moment they get off of the school bus until 8 or 9, and even more on the days they don't have school. Don't get me wrong, I have a toddler, but… See More>

                                                    Floor Plans & Pricing

                                                    1 Bedroom

                                                    Phase II - A1

                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 750 sq. ft.


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                                                    2 Bedrooms

                                                    Phase II - B2

                                                    2 Beds, 2 Baths | 975 sq. ft.


                                                    2 Available Units

                                                    See Floor Plan Details

                                                    Phase I - B1

                                                    2 Beds, 2 Baths | 960 sq. ft.


                                                    1 Available Unit

                                                    See Floor Plan Details

                                                    Disclaimer: Special, prices and availabilities subject to change.

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                                                    Features & Amenities

                                                    • Clothes Care Center
                                                    • Washer and Dryer Connections
                                                    • Covered Parking
                                                    • Garage
                                                    • Dogs Allowed
                                                      Restrictions: Aggressive dogs or any dog with a bite history will not be accepted.
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                                                    • Cats Allowed
                                                    • Balcony or Patio
                                                    • Basketball Court
                                                    • Breakfast Bar
                                                    • Built-in Desks
                                                    • Built-in Microwaves
                                                    • Business Center
                                                    • Clubhouse
                                                    • Convenient to I-35, Shopping and Dining
                                                    • Convenient to the Train Station
                                                    • Double Sink in Kitchen
                                                    • Energy Efficient Appliances With Icemakers
                                                    • Fitness Center
                                                    • French Doors
                                                    • Garden Tubs
                                                    • Hardwood Flooring
                                                    • High-Speed Internet
                                                    • Kitchen Pantries
                                                    • Linen Closets
                                                    • Low to Middle Income Options
                                                    • Multi-speed Ceiling Fans with Lighting
                                                    • National Relocation Program
                                                    • On-Site Maintenance
                                                    • Online Resident Services
                                                    • Picnic and Grill Area
                                                    • Playground
                                                    • Plush Berber Carpeting
                                                    • Pool
                                                    • Pre-qualified Renter's Insurance Available
                                                    • Premium Cabinetry
                                                    • Security Deposit Alternative Available
                                                    • Short Term Lease Available
                                                    • Two-Inch Blinds Throughout
                                                    • Vaulted Ceilings
                                                    • Walk In Closets
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                                                    Discover life in the heart of Denton, Texas! Providence Place offers a choice of two, three, and four-bedroom floor plans that feature gourmet kitchens and upgraded appliances. Our residents enjoy spending summer days by the resort-style pool or hosting friends at the community clubhouse. Call or text us today and find your new home!
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                                                    Office Hours

                                                    • Sunday: Closed
                                                    • Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
                                                    • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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                                                    Highmark Residential


                                                    Questions & Answers (1)

                                                    Asked on: 03/19/2018
                                                    Q: What is security like?
                                                    Answered on: 05/31/2023
                                                    A: Do u take section 8

                                                    Frequently Asked

                                                    Based on 142 number of votes by renters, Providence Place Apartment Homes is currently rated 2.7 out of 5 stars.
                                                    Providence Place Apartment Homes is rated 2.4/5 stars in our renters grounds survey, which is considered poor. The grounds are in a state of disrepair and need immediate attention.
                                                    Providence Place Apartment Homes is rated 3.4/5 stars in our renters maintenance survey, which is considered below average. The maintenance team is often slow to respond and does not always fully resolve issues.
                                                    Providence Place Apartment Homes is rated 2.4/5 stars in our renters noise survey, which is considered poor. The noise level is consistently loud and disruptive, making it difficult to live in the complex.
                                                    Providence Place Apartment Homes is rated 2.2/5 stars in our renters safety survey, which is considered poor. The complex is very unsafe and poses serious risks to residents.
                                                    Providence Place Apartment Homes is rated 3.8/5 stars in our renters neighborhood survey, which is considered average. The complex is located in a neighborhood with some safety or desirability concerns, with limited access to local attractions and services.
                                                    Providence Place Apartment Homes is rated 3.2/5 stars in our renters staff survey, which is considered below average. The staff is often unresponsive and not fully helpful in addressing resident needs.
                                                    Managers have responded to 100% of their community reviews in the past year.
                                                    Managers have replied within 4.36 days to their community reviews in the past year.
                                                    Highmark Residential
                                                    Dogs Allowed
                                                    Restrictions: Aggressive dogs or any dog with a bite history will not be accepted.
                                                    Cats Allowed
                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath
                                                    2 Beds, 1 Bath
                                                    2 Beds, 2 Baths
                                                    3 Beds, 2 Baths
                                                    4 Beds, 2 Baths

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                                                    Providence Place Apartment Homes

                                                    June 2024





                                                    Providence Place Apartment Homes is a 750 - 1,260 sq. ft. apartment in Denton in zip code 76208. This community has a 1 - 4 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths, and is for rent for $1,220 - $1,861. Nearby cities include Argyle, Krum, Corinth, Lake Dallas, and Highland Village.

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