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Acacia Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/14/2005
Have lived here for 10 months. The Good Things: Maintenance is very good and timely. The office personnel are professional and nice to deal with most of the time. They do on occasion use the shotgun approach when dealing with complaints which I don't think is very professional. The apartments have very little noise. Most of the tennants I talk with compliment the insualtion in the apartments. Parking is ample and most of the time you can park with in a few feet of the apartment entrance. Covered parking is reasonable and worth the expense. Very little noise from the neighbors. Many military and mostly professional people. I see the cops about once a week drive through the parking lot. Neighbors are not not loud. Few loud parties. A Few personal complaints: My neighbors who live above me water their plants and flood my patio. They dust their rugs over their balcony so can not keep my patio door open. When they vaccume the canister is dumped over the balcony. The dog owners do not follow the law and scoop their dogs poop. There are several (10) Mexican illegals living in the next building in one apartment. So far they do not cause any problems and are very quite. The swimming pool is my biggest complaint. Coldest pool water in town. Number one complaint from those swiming at the pool is water temperature is like ice. <br><br>If you just have to live in an apartment then overall Acacia Park is a good to excellent place to live. If I had it to do over I would move here. Other that the few moans and groans that are ususal with most apartment complexes, Acacia is a nice place.
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Acacia Park Apartments

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