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Hilton Place Apartments



Resident · 2005 - 2006
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Office Staff
Overall I would not recommend Hilton Place Apartments for most people. It has its good points certainly, but there are also signficant drawbacks.<br><br>It's extremely small...they say it's 700 square feet but it feels even smaller. The kitchen is so small that it cannot accomodate a normal sized refrigerator! And there is virtually no useable counter space. A micro kitchen would be the best description.<br><br>The living room is a decent size for a small place. Actually it would have been nice to have less living room and more kitchen or dining area space. <br><br>The bedrooms are adequate size if you own only very minimal amounts of clothes or bedroom furniture. <br><br>The bathroom is very small and we continuously had problems with the flusher on the toilet. The maintenance staff came and attempted to fix it a couple of times but the problem persisted and there was no resolution ultimately.<br><br>The storage space issue is terrible. While they do give you a small locker to store some of your things, you can only access it when the laundry room is open and it's really not enough space if you own much of anything. We do not own many things (we're fairly minimalist), but it was a constant struggle and stress to try to figure out clever storage options in this apartment.<br><br>There is no washser or dryer hookups in the apartment itself but there is a laundry room that is open 12 hours a day. It costs $1.00 to run a load of wash and $.50 to dry. The laundry room is usually available for use, so that is a plus. As laundry rooms go, the Hilton Place Apartments one is overall good -- clean, equipment kept in good working condition, tables to fold on, they offer quarters in the office during business hours, etc. However, the washing machines are VERY small so the costs do add up to do laundry there.<br><br>The office staff is nice for the most part. They seem like good people. It is a family business for them & I think they take pride in the place. <br><br>However, there is often no one in the office during the day if you need to go talk to someone about an issue. When we moved in, the manager told us that he really strongly prefers people to come down to the office in person to discuss any problems and not to call. That is very annoying, especially when you do actually go down there and more often than not, they are not in the office at all. Even in the best of circumstances, it's annoying to have to treck downstairs instead of just a quick call.<br><br>The office staff does encourage residents to decorate for holidays, which is nice. And they will put on small gatherings for residents at various times too. They do seem to want to foster a feeling of neighborliness and goodwill.<br><br>My biggest problem with Hilton Place Apartments is the air conditioning situation. <br><br>There was NO forecast for freezing weather -- in fact, we were experiencing unseasonably warm weather -- yet the maintenance came by and TURNED OFF EVERYONE'S AIR CONDITIONING!!! It was AWFUL. I actually think it should be criminal to turn off someone's only means to keep cool when the apartment is reaching nearly 90 degress virtually everyday for weeks. It was miserable and unacceptable. I actually think it was cruel. We explained exactly how hot it was getting, but the management would not do anything. They were worried there could possibly be a cold snap (there was NONE forecasted) and that could cause problems for them. Frankly, I do not care about their air conditioning problems when my 2 young children are stuck in such temperatures. It's hard enough for adults. I am still angry about that fiasco. I question how they could do that to the residents personally ~~ I could not do that to people.<br><br>Also they only keep their pool open for a few months a year. Memorial Day through Labor Day I believe? Even though it remains hot enough to swim for months longer, the pool is drained. That's a downside.<br><br>The employees are always respectful and friendly. The grounds are worked on often and make the complex feel nicer than it is (inside it's so cramped and basic but outside it's lush and pretty and well lit).<br><br>The closer you live to Tetons, be aware that there are guard dogs outside in the business behind and they bark all night. That's a miserable thing to have to get used to.<br><br>If you get internet through the apartment complex, you can get a reduced rate which is nice. But we had problems with the connection and the cable company guy said it was because of the old building.<br><br>When we wanted to move, we were charged a reletting fee and all that was handled professionally and easily through the manager. We scrubbed the apartment (dusted, degreased, sterilized virtually every square inch) and there was no damage...but the manager said he was going to dock us $15 for not actually disassembling part of the stove, soaking the parts overnight, etc...I didn't really appreciate that but when we moved in, the manager made a comment that made it clear that he always keeps some of each tenant's security deposit. What really bothered me is that when he did mail the check to us, he inexplicably changed the $15 charge to $20...not a big amount of money but still. I only lived there for a few months and kept the place very clean the whole time...cleaned and sterilized and scrubbed for days upon move-out and they still take a full 10% of my deposit? Most landlords would have been over-the-moon at the condition that place was left in and most landlords would have returned all of the deposit. <br><br>If you need somewhere very short term, if you're single and don't spend much time at home and don't have much stuff...this place may work for you. Or if you just want some place really cheap and don't mind non-air-conditioned heat waves for weeks on-end, this place may work for you.<br><br>If you have a family or are looking to settle someplace for awhile, if you've got much stuff, if you like to cook, if you like such amenities as air conditioning to remain functioning when they are clearly still needed...basically for most people...I would not recommend Hilton Place Apartments. <br><br><br>
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Hilton Place Apartments

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