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Kensington by the Vineyard

2400 State Highway 121

Euless, TX 76039



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jjb801 • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/30/2005
If I were to take the time to type a review with all the problems I have had while living at the Mansions by the Vineyard, I would never be able to get off the computer. I don't believe that it is worth the time and effort because one honest review from a resident equals two fake reviews from the office staff. <br><br>I will say that the noise level is ridiculous, not from loud parties, but rather from hearing conversations among your neighbors because the walls are paper thin, roaring motorcycles at all hours (especially 2 am on a weekday), pipes throughout the apartment (especially the water pipes--trust me you'll know when anyone is taking a shower in your building), barking dogs at all hours, and the list can go on and on. I have lived in other apartment complexes and have never experienced the noise level that I have experienced at the Mansions. <br><br>Other common problems here is with the maintenance staff. Nothing ever gets fixed the first time, and you are lucky if it ever does. Sometimes it is not even worth them coming into your apartment because they will leave a horrible smoke smell in your apartment and they usually make the problems you have worse. Take the front entrance of the complex. On December 31, 2004, a drunk resident hit the right side of the arch entry. It has been eight months and nothing has been done to fix it. I have asked the manager when it would be fixed and she said that it is safe for now. I thought some of the money we're paying for rent goes to maintaining the property, well apparently not. Another problem with the entrance is that we pay for a gated community. I can honestly tell you that since I have been here, I have only seen the gate closed once. <br><br>Once you get inside the Mansions, you will need to dodge the children that are playing in the streets, none of which are supervised. I feel a lot of them are up to no good because they try to cause trouble by standing in the middle of the street while you are trying to get by. My girlfriend's car was keyed by someone in the middle of the afternoon, which we think was one of the kids. Right after moving into the community, I was driving and a kid on a bike never looked and I almost ran over him. I reported it to the office and they told me "they're only kids watch out for them". For the price you pay at the Mansions you would expect that the community would not be full of kids and even so, that the parents would be able to afford a babysitter. I bet most of the single parents that are living here are looking for a companion that can take care of them because you see quite a few white trash people walking around and you wonder how the heck they are living here. Personally, when I moved here I was told that most residents were younger business people. I am in my mid-twenties and the only residents that I see are people who have kids of all ages or people who have not lived in the country for very long. The neighbors on both sides of me don't even speak English. Try asking them to move their car that is blocking your garage when you are trying to leave your apartment, it's not easy!!<br><br>Parking is another nightmare. I thought the rule was you must park one of your cars in your garage but no one follows that rule. There are cars that are parked by non-residents for weeks at a time, and the office staff never enforces the rules set for parking. You are supposed to get a visitor sticker if you have someone that needs to park in the community but I have never seen a car with this. Please don't be fooled when you visit the community during the day and see every spot open. Come after 5, because remember the gate will be open, and try to find a spot. Simply the community doesn't offer enough parking.<br><br>Also please note that your utility bills will be higher than normal, especially your water bill. For my one bedroom apartment on average, I pay $52. The apartment that I leased at another community before this one was $24 on average. The reason for this is because it doesn't matter your usage and how conservative you are, it matters how your neighbors in your building are. They take the usage for the entire building and split it among the tenants. This becomes unfair if you do not have a washer in your apartment and if you house people that are not on the lease like children or friends, etc. Or the kicker which is people washing their cars from your building that aren't tenants of the building. <br><br>The overall appearance of the community has gone down hill. I have already commented on the entrance of the community, but I will now focus on the "grassy" areas. If you go to the back of the community, they call it the park, it's really just a side walk that is surrounded by trees and you will see that most of the grass is missing and it is a muddy mess (they over water). People will walk their dogs and not clean up after them--so watch your step--especially around the mailbox. They don't plant flowers or anything and if something dies, it is not replaced. When the grass cutters come on Monday they do a half job and they blow all the debris under your front door or on your porch, patio, and sometimes they aim for under your garage door. The Mansions go for the cheapest labor possible and it shows inside and out. <br><br>The pool is very gross and I would not recommend anyone swim in it. I have seen it closed several times when I have gone to pay my rent and one time one of my neighbors said it was because a mother took a baby in the pool with a dirty diaper. Also, don't use the fitness center. It is never cleaned and one resident got some type of infection from working out. <br><br>All of the office staff are rude. They think that since they work in a "upscale" community they need to act like they are upscale and better than everyone. Truth is that none of them can even afford to live in the community. Know that if you live here you will be lied to all the time and talked about behind your back.<br><br>The office staff really plays up the Friday happy hour when you come to sign a lease at the Mansions. This is because it allows them to drink for free and for you, the resident, to pay for it. I have been once and there were only 4 residents and 8 staff members. The other thing they play up when you look at the apartments, and in their fake reviews on this site, is that the community is full to capacity. This is not at all true because I know for a fact that two apartments in the building across from me have been vacant for some time. It's their tactic to get people to sign a lease when walking in the door. Every weekend I see 3-4 moving trucks with people looking so happy that their leases are up. I wish I was so lucky. But from what I have read, the move out charges are outrages. I will post a review once I move out to let you know how bad it is. <br><br>Once you start typing it just keeps on going. The sad thing is I wasn't able to type a forth of what I would like to. Please don't make the same mistake that I did and move in to the Mansions by the Vineyard. You will regret it if you do.<br><br>Good luck!<br><br><br>
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Kensington by the Vineyard

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