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Spring Valley Apartments



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ganovane • Resident 2014 Recommended
Reviewed 12/09/2014
Positives first, then issues. These are family friendly apartments, with an elementary school within easy walking distance. The management is decent. It feels safe. The neighbors are nice, but there are a handful of long-time residents who "pay attention" to what you do and then kinda share the information with others, including management. Although, I think this is arguably typical with any family-majority community, as opposed to apartment complexes housing solely young hipsters. It's annoying even if ultimately harmless, unless you value your privacy in which case it's more than annoying. I do think this a decent place to call home, if you are looking for affordable housing. However, before you move your things in, please ensure they completely clean the apartment, then spray, especially for fleas. I'm sure not all units have this issue, but it is infinitely less costly if you take precautions as if they do, before moving in. Do not move a single item into the apartment before you have confirmed treatment has been done. And please know that fleas and flea eggs can survive in an empty space for months; just because it looks clean and was cleaned does not mean these tiny parasites aren't there. Treatment is necessary. I had to throw out many things. I had bites all over my legs and arms, and could barely sleep in the evenings. It was awful. The previous resident, and not the apartment management, caused the infestation, but you need to advocate for yourself and make sure this is seen to before you move in. Other than the above, there are significantly worse apartments (along Post Oak for example) with similar pricing, so you really could do worse.
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Spring Valley Apartments

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