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Reviewed 09/26/2005
I am a younger professional myself and graduated from college about a year and half ago. I moved up to Dallas to start a career and thought I would offer the opinion of a younger, single male like myself in case there are others in the same boat. <br><br>Location:<br><br>I really like the central location. You have the option of going to either Fort Worth or Dallas in regards to night life and it's about a 20-25 minute drive which to me is nothing. You also have Texas stadium, the ballpark, six flags and the horse track if you are a betting man within 15 minutes. If you like to golf, you have one of the best courses in Dallas which is Texas Star, about 10 minutes away. The Tour 18 is about 30 minutes away which is a killer course as well. You also have Waterchase in Arlington is about a 15 minute drive, very challenging course and well kept. Last, but not least, Bear Creek golf course which is right next door gets the job done and memberships are inexpensive.<br><br>Atmosphere:<br><br>On the atmosphere here. I have to disagree with some of the families who complain about the partying. If you are single and you take care of yourself, don't expect the same. I went to the pool every weekend for a while and I have never seen more floaties and pot belly's in one gathering in my entire life. I actually think there are too many kids here. All I run into around the complex are families and couples. Now, I have met a lot of nice people, but if you are a single guy, it's not the best place for you. Maybe I missed the boat, but that's my take.<br><br>Workout Facility:<br><br>It's definitely subpar. It does have enough to get a good workout and by being creative you can still attack what you need to, but you are still very limited. Dumb-bells only go up to 50 pounds, they have no e-z bars to do curls. Bench is on a guidance rack which is okay, but then your stabilizers don't get any work. As far as the pulley machines, they are okay, but lately they have decided to put a permanent attachment on each lift. What I mean by that is if you want to move let's say a rope over to another station you can't, they don't have that quick release attachment, all the bars they decided to put on each station is what you have to use. It's about the dumbest thing they have done. There is a place called Body Construction down Harwood just past 121 that is worth the drive. I suggest looking into it.<br><br>That's all I've got.<br><br>
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