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Westdale Hills



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2012
NO Thank You....Before you sign with these people, take the time and read the reviews. I made the mistake and looked past them because they offered cheap rent for more square footage. My mistake. Lived in Bonaventure for 2yrs before I had enough of that place. If you do move in make sure that you have the correct POLICE phone # on hand because you will need it. In the short time there, I called the police at least 15 times. From punks breaking into cars, from the punks who live there breaking into laundry room machines, to the punks writing all over the walls, to the excessive noise, people partying at all hours of the night, but what takes the cake, i had my daughter with me one weekend and four hoods tried to breakdown my door looking for a previous tenant. I contacted the office the following day and was told that I should have called the police, that their was nothing they could do. I could go on and on but what for, they're not worth the time. I will recommend to everyone who decides to move in or lives there now, when you do move out make sure you have them do a walk through with you before turning in your keys. They didn't charge me a deposit when I moved in but they sure did take me when I moved out. $50 for satellite removal, $60 for countertops refurbishing, carpet cleaning, paint, etc. The best part is now I have to fight a collection agency to have them remove this crap from my credit. Never thought I would right one of these but if I can help someone from making a mistake, then mission accomplished. Good Luck.
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Westdale Hills

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