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Cameron Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/02/2002
I wouldn´t say this is the worst place I have lived but it surely isn´t the best. I´ll start with the pros- it is centrally located to have access to major shopping and freeways, large floor plans (at least for the apt. I live in). Cons- #1Parking, one apartment gets one space for all size apartments. There are few non reserved parking spots available. If you don´t get one of the four for half the complex you end up parking on the other side of the complex. And make sure you don´t park on the curb to unload luggage- you´ll be towed, and not to a nieghborhood towing company but to the other side of Arlington ,shelling out almost $300.00. When we brought this to the apartment staff attention, they informed us that the towing company was not allowed to tow unless called. Well we fell victim to shark towers just driving around looking for cars, the apartments had little interest. The apartments still use this towing company. <br><br>#2 Water damage from rain- On the ceiling, not in one spot but several, so much so that the corner from the ceiling down is starting to crack. <br><br>#3 Plumbing- we´ve had several leaks- kitchen sink faucet, garbage disposal leaks flooded kitchen cabinets,bathroom sink flooded underneath, dishwasher floods kitchen floor sometimes and "can´t be fixed until it leaks again",shower leaks. <br><br>#4 Safety- I noticed that on our back door someone has tried to pry off the door handle and door lock. Any given night police helicopters fly over with a spotlight looking for someone.With also the assistance of police cars spotlighting looking for the same.Scary! <br><br>We were told about a robbery that happened by a notice taped to the mailbox room door. <br><br>Not to mention the couple of weeks where mailboxes were being broken into with the mail stolen.The gate remote that you have to pay for upon moving in is totally pointless. People that don´t live here just wait for traffic in and out of the gate to gain access. <br><br>#5 Property management has changed hands a few times and you recieve notice of changes only when you ask. <br><br>Oh yeah and don´t forget the many Wasps nests and hornets nests in all the bushes and eves of the roofs.Take cover during the summer.
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Cameron Creek Apartments

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