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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/15/2012
I am a police officer in this area. I lived at Centreport Landing and was their courtesy officer for approximately two years. I just moved out this summer. It's a fact that most people will leave a review if they have had a negative experience. I have had more negative experiences than good but I will try and list pros and cons. My review: Parking: Is fine during the day time. If you arrive after 10pm on weekdays, good luck finding parking. Noise: The walls are thin. Most pager calls I received were due to people hearing their noisy neighbors. I constantly heard my upstairs neighbor but i'm not the type to complain. There's not too much noise going on in the parking lot. Grounds: The overall appearance is below avg-avg. Dumpsters are often far away from most apartment doors. Construction & Maintenance: Other reviews are true. It seems like the water is turned off once every two weeks if not once every week. Staff: I prefer the staff of 2011. The staff comes off as two faced. They seem like they are trying to be sincere and compassionate in person but once you leave, the compassion ends. Price: My rental rate was significantly less since I was the courtesy officer. I put up with most of the cons of this apartment since I paid less. Once I decided to quit being their courtesy officer, I paid the market rent,$775, for their biggest two bedroom apartment 975sq ft. The market rent definitely isn't worth it. I would consider a fair price for their biggest apartment is $575-$615. Overall: Like I said above, I provided security for this apartment as an off duty police officer. The rent for half off is worth the cons that I had to put up with. I couldn't imagine paying full price to stay here. The water is off way too much and finding a parking spot is hard at night. The walls are thin and the staff can act shady at times. You will not receive your deposit back. They will even attempt to get up to $200 more than your initial deposit when you move out. My apartment was clean despite a couple of missing blinds, dirty oven, 3 ceiling fan bulbs being dead, and 2 bible size stains on the carpet(i stayed their for two years). They charged me $190 for the things I listed above. They have became money hungry, unconcerned, and treat people unfairly here. At one point they attempted to have me write people up for more lease violations. I assume that was done to increase profits and to provide them with a track record of me being productive as their courtesy officer. I eventually quit after they attempted to violate Chapter 92 of the TX Property Code. I went out of town for a family emergency and they attempted to charge me for being away from the property which wasn't in the contract. After I informed them that they were violating the law, they dropped the charge. If they would treat me like that, then I know they could care less about a resident since I am the one resident-contractor with the highest probability of being a victim of a felonious assault. I've even answered a person with a handgun call at the main office in 2011. On a positive note, the location is great since its by the airport and in the middle of two big cities. The apartment units by the highway are frequently targets of burglars. If you just absolutely have to stay at this apartment, remember, you've been warned. This apartment is definately better than any apartment off of post oak blvd(west of 360 on trinity). I'd say it's the 3rd worst apartments on the east side of 360. Summers landing is way worst and Gateway at Centreport is a little worst. Both Summers landing and Gateway at Centreport have tons of shady residents(that's probably where the burglars reside). I would honestly suggest Centreport Lakes Apartments and Camden at Centreport over these apartments. I would further suggest the apartments in Euless off of Bear Creek Parkway. Just remember, you get what you pay for and you in the end you realize, you paid too much. Like I said, most reviews are people who have had a negative experience and I am no difference. Most of the leasing agents, manager, and contractors live at the complex and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the positive reviews of this apartment complex is their own. More people moving here is job security for them. I moved from a better apartment in NRH to come to this one. After seeing a behind the scenes look at this place from staff-neighborhood, I was sick of staying here. I have since moved into a residential house which have also caused me to dislike this apartment complex even more. Take this review with a grain of salt and if your willing to risk your patience/comfort then give this one a shot. To each his own.
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Centreport Landing

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