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karla9 • Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/15/2012
This place is HORRIBLE!!! I moved out two and a half months before my lease was up. But I paid them for the full lease so that I would not break the lease. I cleaned the apartment and even paid a company to clean the carpet because I wanted to make sure I got my full deposit of $350 back. I walked the apartment one day before turning my keys; I even took pictures of the entire apartment. Well, I was told I would get my entire deposit back and yesterday I got a check for $3.85 they are charging me for the carpet, though I had it clean and it looks brand new. They are charging for electricity, though I had my own electric bill with a different carrier and I paid them in full and for other things that I don t even know what they are. I left the apartment ready for someone else to move in, I did my part and I even paid for the time I was not even living there. Not to mention, that I had to pay for the water bill though I was not living there. Oh yeah, they still charge for water even if you re not there. I ended up paying over $100 for the water, though I wasn t staying there anymore, but I still paid. These people are a rip off. The staff working there are horrible. They act like they care in front of you but once you leave they have no morals, they will do whatever it takes to take every dime from you. My reason for leaving is because they keep turning the water off. At the very lease every other week, I would get a note of the water being turned off. My apartment had a lot of electrical problems and I notify them in case something was to happen. The maintenance guy that showed up to see what was wrong came at 8:00 and was drunk. I told him to leave and I to come back the next day during their business hours. The next day I went to tell the assistant manager of the incident and I called the corporate office. I live alone; I was scary for me to be in that situation. I would never recommend this apartments! Never!
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Centreport Landing

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