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Harris Garden Apartments



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I moved into Harris Gardens a week ago, and here are my impressions thus far... Management: Lisa seems to be on the ball, pleasant to talk with, and reasonable thus far. Parking: There are plenty of parking spaces, so you don't have to worry about not finding a space or your visitors being towed. Also, there are covered spaces available for an extra 20$ a month, but there is a waiting list to get one. The grounds: The landscaping is nice, clean, and well taken care of. The pool: Haven't used it, but it looks like your average apartment pool to me. Neighbors: Everyone I have met thus far has been nice, pleasant, and courteous. There really seems to be a higher sense of community here than you would expect for an apartment complex. I have seen no evidence that the complex is inhabited by drug or alcohol abusers. There does seem to be a wide range of tenants. From the elderly, to families with kids, to college students, plus a large population of hospital workers. Overall I would say the complex is quiet both during the day and at night. However the apartments have HUGE front windows so insulation is obviously minimal there, as a result you can definitely hear when people walk by or talk outside of your apartment. This complex is also right next to the train rails. You can and will hear the trains, personally I don't think they are that loud (definitely audible) and I am not particularly bothered by it, but I can see how other people would be bothered by the sound of trains constantly going by their apartment. Also this complex is in the hospital district of Fort Worth so you can occasionally hear an ambulance siren. The apartment: I live in a downstairs one bedroom/one bathroom apartment (there are no washer/dryers in the units but there is an on site laundry facility). I will say this... I was completely impressed by how clean the apartment was when I moved in. That being said the complex is 40-45 years so as to be expected the apartment has out of date appliances and rather cheap cabinets and fixtures. Nonetheless they all are perfectly functional, clean, and 100% usable. For 560$ in a more or less downtown location I can't complain. Really my one and only complaint with my apartment is that I can hear my upstairs neighbor walk around their apartment. Safety: The area is known for having a large indigent/homeless population because of all the hospitals in the area. As a result there are some safety concerns outside of the complex. utilities: It's August right now, so I imagine it will be 'high,' but I haven't lived here long enough to get a bill yet. I'll make an update when I get it. Overall I would recommend this apartment complex to a friend thus far.
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Harris Garden Apartments

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