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Havenwood Apartment Homes



Resident · 2004 - 2012
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Office Staff
I was saddened to hear that virtually all the trees at Havenwood are to be unceremoniously chopped down. It's my opinion that this is nothing less that vandalism on a large scale. I will concede to the possibility of a few trees damaging foundations etc but not all of them. Majestic old trees will be lost. After scores of years they are to become sawdust in minutes. The color scheme of the buildings, though pleasing to the eye is such that dirt, dust and grime sticks to the rails and beams in the stairwells. Without the cover of trees this will become more evident and unless the new owners are to hose down the buildings on a regular basis the whole property will, in my opinion become a drab, dirty premises. The back of the property already looks dilapidated with no grass or decent plant life and it's been that way for years. Consider also that without trees we'll have few, if any birds..........no Jays, no Hummingbirds, no Mockingbirds and no Cardinals........management say the whole area will be replanted with grass, plants and flowers......we'll see. In any event, no trees will mean, to me a barren land...a dust bowl full of drab brown buildings with every inch of the property looking exactly the same save for a few small Crape Myrtles here and there. This week I saw a used syringe in the parking lot.....management used to care but they seem to want the residents to police the property. I too used to care enough to report things like the syringe. Not anymore.....like everyone else I'm saying it's not my job. So....new owners, drive your new investment into the ground if you will...give it the same reputation as some of the other properties I read about on this road and this website. I was happy here but it's deteriorated a lot. I think it may be time to start looking.
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Havenwood Apartment Homes

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