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Havenwood Apartment Homes



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
Do NOT RENT HERE! I had a BULLET whiz by my head in the middle of the afternoon as I started up my staircase to my apartment here. This is NOT a 'luxury apartment complex. It's a complex in the HEART of the 'da hood'. When I moved in here I was coming from Hawaii and did not know this is the HOOD. It is NOT SAFE here. Furthermore they do NOT maintain these apartments. This morning I fought a losing battle with a cockroach at LEAST1.25 inches long. The refrigerator leaks water, drip drip drip, down onlo my food. The refrigerator DOOR screams like a dying rabbit every time I open it. THE WATER!!! The water is on some kind of connected system so that everyone in my building is running off the same pipes. That means the 'utility' bill which is for water & garbage is as HIGH for me, a single person, as it is for the woman with four kids living in a one-bedroom apartment. There's a fireplace, but who cares? There are BIRDS nesting in the fireplace. The sidewalks are broken all around this area and I fell, HARD, on a broken block two weeks ago. I couldn't go to work for nine days and my ribcage still hurts. There is an 'exercise room' but it is INSIDE the pool area and you cannot get to it if the pool gate is LOCKEd which it often is. There are laundry rooms, but they are PADLOCKED, i'e. NOT OPEN. The garbage is not individual cans or shoots but a big container 1/4 mile away in the parking lot. There's a bus stop across the way but it only circles the DA HOOD area. You CANNOT GET OUT OF THIS AREA OF FORT WORTH if you do NOT have a car. DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR AND STAY AWAY.
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Havenwood Apartment Homes

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