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Havenwood Apartment Homes



Resident · 2014 - 2017
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Office Staff
This used to be a fairly decent apt complex. Not any more! They replaced a toilet in my apartment about six months ago, but the new toilet had a SMALLER footprint than the old one. So NOW there are HOLES in the bathroom floor. I had to put duct tape over the holes. Thety rent this place as thought they have a laundry room, but they do not. The laundry room(s) are PADLOCKED. You have to trundle over to the small shopping center up the hill to do your laundry. I've lived there three years and it's been getting WORSE AND WORSE. Do NOT trust this place! The owner is gonna do a long slow burn in HELL, he's only in it for the money. They don't maintain the grounds, the sidewalks, the staircases, the parking structure. The 'security' gate breaks ALL the time. I am moving and then I'm SUING THEM for their lack of maintenance. Oh yes! They charge for the water & garbage by taking the total and dividing it by the aparts (size & legal number of occupants). BUT I KNOW FOR A FACT THERE ARE A LOT OF ILLEGALS LIVING HERE AND I MEAN UP TO 15 CROWDED INTO A ONE-BEDROOM APARTMENT. tHAT MEANS THAT THE WATER/GARBAGE PRICE GOES up every month, AND THE GARBAGE CONTAINER IS spilling over long before the garbage collectors come to get it. Right next door, btw, is an undergroupnd GAS STORAGE field, which if it ever caught fire would WIPE out this complex. Do NOT move here! The management team will LIE TO YOU and once you're here, they wil do NOTHING to maintain your residence. The water gets shut off, in my bulding, at least once every few days due to some so-called 'boiler issue'. The windows and doors leak air so that your electricity bill is MUCH higher than you would expect. Do NOT RENT HERE. You can better slum tenaments. Oh sure, they have a nice looking pool, but half the time it is closed for repairs. There is a rinkydink 'exercise' room, but when the pool is closed, you CANNOT GET TO THE EXERCISE ROOM. Noise? Depends on your neighbors. Because you can her them through the walls, the floor and the ceiling. Think about that!
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Havenwood Apartment Homes

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