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Hunters Green Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/26/2007
me and my husband lived here for 2months. thank god we got out of our lease through military orders to move. This place sucked! It was a cheap apartment $493 a month, so of course u could expect cheap accommodations. Firstly the cabinets in the kitchen were disgusting! Most of them wouldnt even open. And the ones that did had grime and gunk all at the bottom, we had to put special fabric on them so our dishes wouldnt get dirty. There was also no counter space what so ever to prepare food, and the oven was so old school, and got extremly hot too fast, if u even put your finger on the top surface if the oven was on u could get 3rd degree burns! watch out for small children while you cook!<br><br>The carpet was in very bad condition, holes in the walls. Our balcony never had a sliding screen, it remained ripped off and sitting outside we called but no one ever fixed it. And also ours had a huge crack between the door and outside u had to lock it at all times to prevent the hot air from comming in. and our balcony had a huge crack in it, and the railing was loose! very scary, we thought it looked like it would colapse any second, and the outdoor closet wouldnt shut either. <br><br>we also went without a garbage disposal for the first week! It was so nasty, there was just food rotting at the bottom of the sink! And at least 10cars got broken into in the same night. Cars got broken into often. And anyone can just get in the gates. yuck dont live here. heres some adive....drive 100feet down the street and live at the marina club. haha!
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Hunters Green Apartments

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