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Lakeview Apartments



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niseys06 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/27/2007
I came to this place when I was 8 months pregnant thinking it would be a some what decent place to live. I was VERY VERY WRONG! I moved here in Feb 06 and have only stayed there 3 nights. I am waiting and counting the days untill our lease ends. Mangement is rude, stupid and lazy. They dont care about nothing as long as they are getting their money. I went inside the apt and came back to my tires being SLASHED on 4 differnt occassions (they got each one!) I was 9m pregnant! What the hell was I suppose to do? I was in the apt each time for only 30mins and came back to that. The management said that they would move us free of charge then when it came down to it they said they got a new manager and said that they cant do that anymore. The people that lived around us were ALL druggies. They stayed up ALL night working on projects next to OUR door! And talking on the phone by our door! Someone tried to break into our apartment through the windows but didnt succeed. This place is horrible! It was a waste of my money! You dont understand how badly I stress the word HORRIBLE!<br><br>Some friends of our that lived there had a 6 yr old daughter who was changing in her room and her parents looked out the window and noticed someone looking through.<br><br>This place is trashy and horrible.
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Lakeview Apartments

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