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Laurel Heights at Cityview

5701 Overton Ridge Boulevard

Fort Worth, TX 76132



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Office Staff
notafatlazyguy • Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/26/2005
If you are looking for an apartment, avoid this place like Ebola. These "managers" are only interested in one thing- putting people in apartments. They DO NOT CARE once that lease is signed. Nothing is fixed; the leasing staff is unprofessional, unknowing, and rude; security is nonexistant; the neighbors are rude, and in some parts of the complex, violent; the washer and dryer they promise was made in the eighties; there's black mold, every once in a while, the sewage gets backed up, spouting out human feces (for those of you who say it can't be that bad, I can show you the pipe, and I am not the only one who has lived here who has seen this), or should I say pipes; for those of you who like the fact that they accept bigger dogs: I have a big dog who has been attacked no less that 4 times because the stupid neighbors don't leash their animal; the sauna is broken (although they advertise that they have one); there are stray feral cats around, and I have adressed this with management, but was met with the answer that "they take care of the rats" - this is NOT good. <br>Oh, and for those that say "They have a pool!" Well, I went swimming one time, and lo and behold I saw a brown, floater swimming next to me. No, it couldn't be poop. It has to be a candy bar . . . no, it was poop. Someone took a dump in the pool. Let's say I didn't go swimming after that. <br>That's symbolism for you!<br>AVOID AVOID AVOID
Laurel Heights at Cityview Manager01/03/2017

Your feedback is important to us. We value you as a resident and will look into the concern. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Crystal Brasfield Community Director

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Laurel Heights at Cityview

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