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Lofts on Hulen



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/02/2005
I really hate to say this, because management has never given me any problems and I have enjoyed talking to many of you several times, and the maintenance men have always been so friendly and helpful... But regardless of the management, this complex really is going downhill, and all the supposed 'great' reviews from Aug 30th, seem like an organized attempt by a few people to make this complex suddenly look like this wonderful place to live. <br>No this is not the worst place in the world to live, but it is not getting better, but worse, and that worries me. This forum seems to have turned into some petty battle between tenants, and management. I hate to say it, but when you (referring to mgmt) use this forum to battle it out with supposed 'bad' tenants, it just makes this community seem even worse. Ultimately, mgmt needs to stay on top of issues, and keep things on a professional level, rather than getting caught up in little personal battles. I know there are A LOT of not-so-great tenants living here... thats one reason I have decided not to renew, but there are a lot of very responsible, DECENT, tenants who follow the rules, pay on time, and respect their neighbors (Like I have) Even though management cannot be held responsible for every tenants actions, they CAN be held responsible for the quality of people that suddenly seem to be streaming into this place. You as management have the ability to screen potential renters, PLEASE do something, anything, because this community has seen a great shift towards an undesirable crowd of people. And get a tow truck out here at night and start towing all the unauthorized vehicles from the reserved parking spots. We as tenant must live here all day every day, not just during leasing office hours. I really don't feel like management sees the crisis in this apartment community.<br>As I was looking for apartments to move to, I must have gone to at least 11-12 other apartment communities before I found one that I truly loved. Imagine my complete embarassment EVERY time I mentioned the complex where I currently live, Cypress Springs. Most people would wince when I told them, or their eyes would get big, not wanting to say anything bad, and some didn't bother holding back all the horrible comments, and/or horror stories they had heard about 'that place'! So I would say in a kidding tone of voice "why do you think I want to move from there?!" just to avoid feeling like a fool for living here. That truly is a shame that every place I went to had a negative reaction to the name Cypress Springs. <br>Management, you may not agree with bad ratings, or personal 'character' attacks, but the good tenants are leaving to communities where they will be appreciated, just because this is an inexpensive place to live, doesn't mean this place has to be 'cheap'!
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Lofts on Hulen

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