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eightieslingo • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
DO NOT MOVE HERE! I have so many complaints that I don't even know where to begin. Like a lot of people, I fell in love with the awesome loft floorplan, but I now know it's not worth it.<br><br>1. Cold in the winter- The floorplan makes it very hard to keep the apartment warm. I swear there is a ten degree difference in the upstairs and downstairs. The heat comes out at the upstairs, which makes no sense at all since heat rises. So the upstairs is toasty and the downstairs is freezing! <br><br>2. Leaks- Everytime it rains, the ceiling leaks. The upstairs bathroom leaks into the living room below. The washer came unhooked and leaked into the kitchen.<br><br>3. Neighbors- There was "Techno Guy" downstairs. He played techno music very loudly whenever he wanted. The guy next door kicked his door down. It was at 2 in the morning and woke us up. No one picks up their dog crap. There are cigarette butts everywhere. Trash outside the doors, despite the fact that the management left notes saying they would fine people for doing this. People drive way too fast around blind corners.<br><br>4. Misc.- The appliances are so old. The hot water is turned off a lot without warning. The pipes are clunky and so loud. It sounds like someone is hammering the walls. The walls are thin, we can hear everyone else's tv and doors shutting. Also, when we moved in, they had repainted everything. Basically, they sprayed paint everywhere and didn't let it dry all the way. Our pantry door was sealed shut! There are paint drops all over the carpet. Also, the trash piles up in the garbage containers. And people don't even try to put the garbage in the actual container. They just set it next to it. A bunch of people leave couches and stuff next to the containers. You have to swerve around them. Last but not least the tiny ants that are everywhere, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. I can't get rid of them. The cable tv frequently goes out and a lot of the channels are permenantly fuzzy. We pay $45 a month for cable and HBO, but we can barely see half the channels.<br><br>Don't rent here! I know the floorplans are cool but you can get way more for your money. It's not worth it! I can't wait to move out of here in April.
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Marina Club Apartment Homes

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