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Randol Crossing Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2009
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Office Staff
I have live din this apartment complex for 2 years now and plan to renew my lease when it is time although rents will be raised (just like everywhere else). The staff does care about my concerns and those of the others here. At any time we are welcome to stop by the office to express our concerns or just to visit. All three ladies at this place have made it obvious that we are more than just another 'rent check" and will do what is necessary to make us happy (within reason). Maintenance is done in a timely manner even though there is only one here to take care of us. On several occassions I have seen the office team assisting with the care and upkeep of our home and I appreciate that. As far as the pool goes, I personally called the City Inspection offices and found that we had not been lied to by the staff. They truly do require an inspection before it may be opened. There is a waiting list for these inspections. The City also informed me that within the past two years the pool did have issues that were beyond staff control and the owner was responsible for not making the necessary repairs in order for us to have a functioning pool. Note to you all, the pool is open now even though it is still on the waiting list for inspection. The staff is willing to take the chance of a ticket so that we may enjoy our complex. I could go on about a number of things that make me happy to live here but it makes more sense for anyone looking for a quiet and enjoyable place to just come by and check it out for themselves.
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Randol Crossing Apartments

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