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Residences of Museum Place



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
Nothing at all to complain about. Our unit is customized with granite and paint, we have views of the museums and a big patio with storage. We watch fireworks in May and June from our patio with a glass of wine in hand. <br><br>There is a huge park across the street and a landscaped side yard the pets use. There isn't a lot of landscaping, but it comes and goes.. the old gentleman who does the yard must be 70 so I think they haven't the heart to do something different yet. The flowers are nice and the art and flowers in the halls change monthly - oh, the halls are all inside and are climate controlled. <br><br>Every year with renewals, they upgrade a few things in our apartment and so we had planned to buy a house, but decided to stay since we have no worries here.<br><br>The staff is here on site and on call 24/7. There are just 40 units, but the office is open 6 days a week, and the management staff is here all day and lives on site and the maintenance staff is here evenings and weekends. Sometimes we find the manager vacuuming the elevator at 4 pm on a Sunday afternoon. In fact, the manager regularly calls to ask (!) if we need anything. Most things are done within minutes, and everything that gets done is accompanied by paperwork delivered to the door, including all of the contractor's contact information, which reinforces the service level. We can grab them in the hallway and they usually drop whatever they are doing and take care of it right away. They have a cleaning service clean the whole facility twice a week and they have someone handle boxes and trash 4 times a week, in the garage - there are trash chutes and elevators, and drycleaning to the door. Mostly doctors, lawyers, a few grad. students, early retired and late retired here, a few young couples - diverse mix. <br><br>Comp. tickets to games, events and spa certificates are delivered with gifts to the door, and we can see the front and back doors on TV. The staff electrical, plumbing and paint contractors will work for tips to help with moving pianos or installing new fixtures or custom painting, at about $12/hr. and we have gotten them to moonlight off-site as well, which is an added bonus.<br><br>We can call to have our mailbox emptied and the contents dropped off in our unit, for the manager to meet the maid and our staff when we are away, and they have picked us up at the airport more than once.<br><br>Parking is included in the rent, as is the gas fireplace, and the building is white, which we think contributes to the low electic bills. Plus, we aren't leasing a condo that might be sold out from under us, and wonder who might come answer a service call or when. Last year, the management had the air conditioning guy check all of the units every Friday afternoon to make sure nobody was hot under the collar. You can have T1 and faster internet and DirecTV. We have cell phones instead of land lines, except for the fax. They also water our garden when we are away. No pool of workout place on site but I think most of the people here have memberships somewhere, though the spa is nice, and we get free months and specials around town. They let us pick any fan we wanted, faucets and granite, out of some catalogs when we moved in, which was a nice touch. Having trouble seeing black and blue in the mornings, and haveing mixed my socks more than once, we asked to have the closet lights changed and they installed halogen track lights for us 2 days later. <br><br>Last, this is a better rate than the places downtown, AMLI and some of the others by maybe 50 cents a square foot, we have checked. Gossip has that they mean to sell these as condos and keep the same staff in place, which, by reading these other reviews, is the make-or-break for any facility, no matter how nice.<br><br>Also, the location is great and it is close to everything. Actually, our only compaint is that a few "entitled" neighbors give the staff a hard time, yelling at them keeping out an unfamiliar guest or a guest smoking in the garage. They do try to control them, but like any neighborhood there are always a few "special" neighbors who are more special than the rest or refuse to scoop after their pets, etc. but we see the staff doing it, regardless. We "old fogeys" kind of chastise them to behave, the younger "entitled" crowd. <br><br>I think their site is: www.fwculture.com/museum place .htm <br><br>
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Residences of Museum Place

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