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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
I am very glad we moved out. We first moved in during the summer of 2004. We wanted a quiet apartment because my husband works from home and I am a graduate student. We were promised that the people that lived upstairs were quiet. NOT TRUE!!! They had several arguments day and night, and there were strange cars that would slowly pull up outside, honk their horn to alert the residents upstairs. The guys upstairs would run down, exchange 'something'...and the car would leave. The final straw for that apartment was a huge fight Easter Sunday morning that ended up with one man living and the other screaming over the balocny.."I am going to tell the cops where you keep your cocaine stash!!!" <br>We applied for a new apartment the very next day. We then lived in a beautiful townhouse next to the golf course. While we felt more secure, the utility bills KILLED us. No matter how much we tried to keep our electric bills down, they just kept rising. Although the AC was to be maintained, it never was. The final straw came when our little dog was attacked by a large pitbull on SuperBowl Sunday at 4am. The pit bull was off the leash, and it viciously attacked our dog--who was on a lease. After a $300 vet bill, we notified the management. They said they couldnt do anything about it, although you are required to register your dog with the office and pitbulls are not allowed. I was allowed to post fliers, which were taken down after 2 days by someone other than myself. Apparently there were several complaints about this dog attacking other animals and people, but the management still refused to do anything. <br>The other reviewers are correct in their assessment of the lack of safety. We were never the victims of a break-in, but there were several in the area, enough to involve police action and "town meetings." <br>if you are looking for a nice apartment, look elsewhere.
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Stonegate Villas

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