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The Canyons

2751 River Park Drive

Fort Worth, TX 76116



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Office Staff
osidfja • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/07/2005
i lived in one of the NEW buildings, ie made within this past year, phase 2. as for the actual apartment in and of itself:<br><br>floor plan was not nice, the living room was extremely cramped. <br><br>you could hear the ppl upstairs doing EVERYTHING. from when they were walking around, watching tv, and their umm personal moments late at night. <br><br>our apt was new, and the light in the kitchen still had dead crickets and cockroaches in it, we requested them to come clean that out and never did. also had a big cricket problem for a logn time, as careful as we were about not letting anything into the apt, they kept coming and coming. <br><br>also office staff with the exception of 1 or 2 is extremely rude and hard to deal with. dont deal with them in anything unless you either get it in writing, or record your conversations with them, because everyone will tell you something different and they will try to screw you. <br><br>maintenance people are extremely creepy as well. they just walk into ur apt, even when i was at home out of the blue they unlock the door and say sorry wrong apartment! then the next day someone tried to come in again while my wife was sleeping. when we went to the office and complained they tried to say its our fault?! and that they dont have the keys? after complaining and raising a fuss, they changed the locks, and then the next day one of the tires on my car was slashed... went to complain about that and they did not care. <br><br>this place is overpriced and i dont recommend it. theres plenty of other nice places around. <br><br>i would only move here if you're a rich white male TCU student who can put up with the staff, otherwise this isnt the place for you.
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The Canyons

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