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The Club at Fossil Creek



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/26/2005
We had to find a 3month lease in between homes. We chose here because we were limited in selection, and as many have said, the office staff seems wonderful. They will say just about anything to get you in the door. They show you an immaculate apt model. But you can never get to see the one that will be yours until the day you move in.<br>Like others, we had to scrub the bathroom for hours to try and get the mildew off. No luck. After complaints to corporate, the temp-manager...(they haven't had a general mgr here for over a yr) came in with his useless maint. staff and said that this was the best that it got. The corporate ofc even sent their so called maid service in to clean up. No good. <br>We had to have the blinds all replaced, the security bolts and locks on the doors repaired, none of them worked on the sliding doors.<br>Our smoke detectors said they expired over a yr ago. When we told them to fix it, the guy came in, pushed the little button and since it beeped at him, he wasn't going to replace it. Luckily I was there to tell him he had to.<br>THE BUGS>>>THE BUGS>Oh, how I have never in my life, nor will I ever again live with all these bugs. I have spiders, water bugs, andts, flying things. And ironically, not in my kitchen. Every other room in this apt. All the closets, in the carpet. My husband and I have sprayed stuff around the baseboards, around the perimeter. When we repoted it, they say they will come in and spray, and then spray the exterior. The guy showed up with a tube of something to caulk my bathroom walls to keep them out. If caulk would have worked, I could have done that. There isn't enough caulk in the world to keep out what they have. The place needs to be fumigated. The ants crawl all over the place outside. You see lines of them crawling into the buildings.<br>It took a report to the city apparently to get them to fix standing water issues. The threat of west nile apparently wasn't enough. And the city made them drop sod in places, but there are still many damp areas around the complex.<br>The trash went from 3 days a week to 2 days a week pick up. Now the trash bins are overflowing mid week. Out of the top, and there's piles along the sides of them. There are LARGE rodents crawling around day and night.<br>We have had numerous break ins in the complex. The parking is a joke. If no one is in your assigned spot. And you only get one, then you have a covered area. Otherwise, fend for yourself half way across the complex someplace. And they have spped bumps everywhere that all these people with no mufflers rush, and then spped to again and again. <br>On month ends, you see tons of people leaving, not coming in. It's no wonder. It's a joke. I can't believe that after owning a beautiful and clean home, I have been stuck here in this hell for 3 months. <br>I have limited time here left. If it wasn't for the fact that they would screw me over in getting out of here....we would have been gone already.<br>I wouldn't wish this place on the hurricane refugees. I am paying way more than my mortgage ever was to be here for this short time, and there are poor people in govt. housing living much better than we are. <br>They should be ashamed of themselves. There is no luxury living here. Not even mediocrs. <br>Whatever you do....don't stay here!
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The Club at Fossil Creek

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