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Woodglen Apartments



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formerlyknownas2331 • Resident 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/29/2007
It was a nightmare when I lived here. <br>One of my roommates had his car stolen while living here, somebody threw up on my car and it ate through the clear coat; the other roommate had her window broken shortly after. <br>We lived next door to a bunch of crackheads; You could just walk by their door and see the pot smoke just billow out. <br>For a while i had to ride the bus to get to work and I always had one of my roommates go down there with me; it just wasn't safe after dark. People would steal your laundry out of the dryer in the amount of time it took you to go back for another load. <br>Speaking of dryers, we never used any of the ones on the bottom since my rommate saw a drunk guy peeing into an open dryer. O_o <br>There was usually lots of broken glass and loud music. The guy who lived underneath us would come out onto his balcony in his underwear almost every day and play playstation with a really long controller and smoke lots of pot. The cops were there a lot. <br>I heard they've kicked all the people on welfare out and cleaned it up, but I still would probablly never go back.<br>
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Woodglen Apartments

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