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Lodge at Baybrook



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/26/2005
I have many complaints about this complex, and unfortunately nothing positive to say about it. I have lived here for over a year, and out of the six apartment complexes I have rented, this is the absolute worst. <br><br>When first viewing the apartments, my husband and I were shown an apartment by a nice young lady who told us that since we had our own washer and dryer we would be offered a storage room (about 3 x 5 ft.) for free because they would not remove the set that previously existed in the dwelling. We decided to rent one of the apartments immediately after viewing. We were in the paperwork and moving in process when the complex was bought by an alternative management company. They lost a great deal of our paperwork in the transfer, and told us we would not receive a free storage building. Luckily I still had the paper the other lady wrote out saying that we would get the storage room, so we decided to sign the lease because everything seemed like a good deal.<br><br>Instead of going into great detail of the series of neglectful events, I will compile a list instead.<br><br>-Upon our move-in we discovered dust everywhere (though we were on a waiting list and they told us the apartment had just been cleaned).<br>-Upon move-in a sink faucet was broken. We called maintenance who showed up three days later and told us all the faucets were like that and didn't do a thing about it.<br>-The gates are constantly messed up<br>-The management and office staff are rude and lazy<br>-I called the front office about a stray pit bull/mastiff that was wandering the complex. They never called animal control to have it removed so I called animal control and they told me the management had to call and consent. They never did.<br>-I've had leaking drains in both bathrooms and the kitchen. Maintenance took 3 days to fix each, and the kitchen one was never fixed correctly.<br>-They allow guests of residents to park anywhere they want, so residents have to bark in the back of the complex where there is no lighting. The parking situation is terrible-there may not even be enough parking for residents.<br>-Outside lighting NEVER works.<br>-There is a club room you can rent out for events. I rented it out a month in advance because we were hosting a company party for 100 people. When we went to set up, there was a bachelorette party in the works. The lady in the office, who didn't actually work at this complex, told us it was first come first serve, which it is not. I had to talk to the lady hosting the party myself (she was very understanding and nice) and we made an agreement ourselves.<br>-The staff is NEVER in the office when you need something. Everything I walk to the office to get an air filter or something, the door is ALWAYS locked. <br>-Upon move-in we were told that pest patrol comes in and sprays once a week, and maintenance comes in once a month to change air filter. I have yet to see either. <br>-There is one dumpster for the ENTIRE complex. It is constantly full, and trash is piled on the ground. <br>-My husband and I pay $1129 per month for rent, the people upstairs with an identical floor plan pay $859. <br>-They had a move-in special when we signed our lease stating that we would receive the month of November free. During that month we were out of the state and upon or return found eviction letters to vacate due to non-payment of rent taped to our door. It was straightened out, but still inconvenient.<br><br>There are many other reasons NOT to move into The Lodge at Baybrook, but I do not care to carry on any longer. Aside from the rude staff, negligent maintenance workers, and faulty facilities, the price is excessive. I recommend Signature Point instead. Their staff is awesome, plenty of parking, and lower rent prices. <br><br><br><br>
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Lodge at Baybrook

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