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Bell Frisco at Main

1801 McCord Way

Frisco, TX 75034



Resident · 2019 - 2021
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Office Staff
Another tenant wrote about the broken elevator, trash, vandalism, “band-aid” fixes by maintenance and I couldn’t agree more. It’s out of commission (the elevator) maybe twice or three times a week at this point. One of the reasons we accepted a lease on a higher floor is to use the elevator for our small children, moving purposes, aiding in groceries, and it’s usually broken now. Immediately after child birth I came home and had to walk all the way up because the elevator was broken again. A family member with a broken leg came out and had to go all the way back home because we couldn’t accommodate them getting up. We’ve called about the A/C three times and they’ve come out and told us there’s nothing they can do. The apartment would get up to 80 degrees on the random warm winter days we have in Texas. And it is extremely frustrating to pay for amenities like the elevator, gym, outside grills, pool, etc. when it’s vandalized or broken. I wish they would’ve installed security cameras for accountability but that hasn’t happened to my knowledge. I was also saddened that our rent was increasing so much given that none of the amenities are ever available (esp due to covid). The other tenants are turning the complex into a horrible place to live- we just saw a bag of dog poop on the stairs this morning. People let their animals (or kids, who knows) pee on the elevator and stairs, and we almost got hit by a speeding car the other morning and the driver was laughing about it. The front desk isn’t the problem, it’s everything else here. It varies building to building from what I can tell, but nothing is really done to maintain high standards besides emails. (By the way, early/mid-pandemic, the emails about making sure we all got our rent in on time, not making sure that we stayed safe or asking if anyone needed any options were really tasteless. People were and are dying and we got countless mass emails reminding everyone to pay their rent because they don’t care if you’re sick or jobless. I would act with more compassion if I were them. We weren’t impacted hard but a lot of people were and I was really disappointed with the lack of care they showed.)
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Bell Frisco at Main Manager


Dear Resident, Thank you for your feedback as it is very important to us. We're so sorry to hear this! We certainly understand your frustration when mechanical things malfunction from time to time or any time an amenity may be temporarily down. Please let us know if there is anything they can do for you; we are here to serve you. Omirah, Community Manager | Bell Frisco at Main

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Bell Frisco at Main

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