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Cypress Lake at Stonebriar

8404 Warren Parkway

Frisco, TX 75034



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bribry25 • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/24/2005
No I think they do amazingly respectful business, I'm just saying its a damn nice roof for over your head. I know what they're saying about the dog poo problem but they got dozens of post with signs and baggies posted and they send out notes in their letter. On the residents leaving trash complaints: Yeah they should like send out a note telling residents walking their trash to one of the compactors is better than leaving it in the pick up spot. But its not near too bad I think they've always cracked down on that... just a little less than some would like. Besides that it was a little bit too nice of a roof for what I do for a living to begin with but if you make a little more than me or you can hook up a roommate for a two bedroom you litterally get bang for your buck with tons of Fireworks Shows thru the summer from RoughRiders Stadium next door, and the Stonebriar Shopping Center its located pretty much in its like Disney World, Legacy Square and the West Village can't touch it. and its just getting more and more cooler and cooler stuff. I've had a couple noise complaints against me recently. I really stupidly had a subwoofer on third floor floor when I have dusk to dawn hours hang n' out here, sorry everybody, staff and residents were super cool about it and solved the problem. Oh yeah and I just gotta add utility bills are no where near the problem like what I've been reading about a lot of local complexes. Oh yeah and can't forget the club house and pool with the fountain and stuff is tight. And lightening don't strike twice so the complaints on all the broken stuff everything seems to be fixed really well. And I know it seems like I'm like sucking up to not get a noise violation or whatever or tight with the apartment agents or whatever but no I just really appreciate how things have gone down the few times we have dealt with each other in the past 8 months so far. 1:15 am, Monday, October 24th, 2005.<br>
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Cypress Lake at Stonebriar

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