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Bay Walk



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2007
I would not recommend anybody, especially a family to live at Bay Walk Apts. If you use drugs this is the place to be, you can get anything you want and if you want a large electric bill this is the place to be!!!!!!! The management lets the kids run wild. I myself have seen the children sitting on cars that belong to other tenants. The laundry facilities are not air conditioned and the washers and dryers love to take your money. The security gates do not work at all, I guess they are up for looks. LOL. The open pet policy sucks because the tenants who have pets let them bark all the time and let them deficate anywhere they want to and dont clean up behind them. The sad thing about it all is that you got to get ugly to get anything fixed around here and gosh I am not a maintenance person I don't know how to do any of that stuff and should not have to. These statements above are to the best of my knowledge and are just some of the wonderful amenities that come with the community. Last but not least drugs are rampant in Bay Walk. If I had any children I would never live here and cant wait till my lease is up. Alot of the tenants herer at Bay Walk are mad and very agggitated with the living conditions. I know when i did the paper work on all what was wrong with the unit I am living in there seemed to be no action on getting the unit in proper working order whatsoever. The swimming pool area is a joke. When you get ready to go the furniture is all in the pool from these kids that the parents do not watch. There is also large chunks of chorine tablets in the pool this last summer. There is no lifeguard of course so the kids are jumping on you and have no respect for others at all. Let me tell you about the trash dumpsters, they are a joke. The tenants here dont even know how to throw trash away. Trash will be 15 feet away from the dumpster and that gets nasty over the weekend.Told management about everything on here and they just do not care at all. They will say its going to get done ASAP, but nothing ever becomes of it. So what are you to do, Live like crap or speak up and worn others. You know the answer to that. Let me tell everyone this also, if you dont renew your lease your rent goes up even though they are having enough trouble keeping the units leased out. That makes alot of sense doesn't it!!!! I just don't understand!! I pay $605.00 for a two bedroom apartment here and since I am not going to renew the lease you are pentalized for it even though you have taken care of the propery and let management now what the problems of the unit are. Like the problem will get corrected. LOL. The kicker is I know tenants who are paying a $100.00 less than I am paying and there are 3 to 4 people in the same unit, so who is getting shafted. SO DON'T LIVE HERE IT IS A BIG FAT MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>IN CONCLUSION BAY WALK APARTMENTS IN MY OPINION ARE A JOKE AND MANAGEMENT IS FULL OF ---- FROM THE GET GO. THEY WILL LIE TO YOU AND TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR. SO IF YOU MOVE INTO THIS NASTY DUMP AND HATE IT. I TOLD YOU SO, END OF STORY.
Bay Walk Manager11/28/2011

This is prior to the new ownership of Bay Walk in late 2010 and the remodel of this property in 2011. The new management, Odyssey Residential Management is proud of the opertunity to serve this very nicely remodeled property. Please feel free to contact the staff at 409-741-8222 or visit the site personally. We know you will like what you see.

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Bay Walk

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