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Island Bay Resort



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 08/27/2005
If people would learn to clean their apartments there wouldnt be a roach problem....we have been here a year and have seen 1 bug....it was after someone next door had moved out....we called the office and they came and sprayed....problem solved...its that simple clean your house take out the trash and pick up after your dog!!!!!! We (myself and other tenants)get so tired of picking up after our dog and it will be right next to a pile of crap that lazy people refuse to pick up. It looks to me like most of the complaints came from the back section that was yes at 1 time section 8. Have pride in your home and do some cleaning once in a while....other than the piles of dog crap by the pier the only other problems I see is that people need to keep control of their BAD kids...in the front area we do know where our children are at all times and most pick up after their dogs and take pride in their homes...do the same in the back then maybe it wont be called "THE ------". Its not the area that makes it bad its the people who choose to live nasty that makes it nasty. Ive been told that this is the "RICHY SECTION" well yes we do pay more but not much more we just have pride in our surroundings.<br>
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Island Bay Resort

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